Why Refurbished Computers Now Make Sense – New Unbelievable Warranties and Huge Savings

Wondering where your next move should be in the computer field? As many struggle to keep the bills paid buying new a computer never seems to be on the horizon. Especially when your tower or laptop bites the dust.

The best news for those in a bind right now is that all the major manufacturers are offering the same warranties that are offered on new computers. I know you may be wondering how they can afford to do this. The simple reality is that pressure has been mounting for a long time on the recycling of computer parts. Many don’t realize its now the number one source of waste in America is used computers. Technology is being outdated so fast that computers are filling up our landfills at an unprecedented rate. All of these major companies must pay to have their waste taken away. What is the major part that weighs the most and takes up the most space in a landfill? Without question is it desktop pc cases.

With the explosion of the green movement it suddenly has become in style to get on the recycling bandwagon. The great news is some huge leaps were made in the testing process that made it much easier and quicker to determine which part of the computer was faulty. After the new data came out showing how reliable these certified refurbished desktops were companies saw a new market unfolding and a logical financial move.

The new numbers showed that for once it has become worth it to offer computers with a same as new warranty. The neat thing is this totally takes off all the risk from the consumer in purchasing a used computer. So as a result companies can now save on paying companies to dispose of many of these parts and cases only to resell them back to the public in great working order.

The main point many have all wrong is that these computers are worn out pieces of junk. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of these computers have nearly all new parts inside. If a part is found to be compromised in any way or deemed to be faulty it is simply replaced. These companies no longer take time to repair components as computer parts have now become cheaper than ever before. So when you think you may be getting some old worn out piece of junk guess again. If there was even a moderate risk that the computer would need to be returned these major companies would not be offering the warranties they do.

If you’re looking for advice on the best way to go about selecting one of these computers it would be this: Make sure you’re dealing with one of the big three manufacturers of computers. They all offer same as new warranties on their used units. So make sure you browse and compare aspects online as it’s without a doubt the best way to go. If you choose to find a computer locally you will pay more generally and not get as great a warranty.