Why Organizations Use Promotional Gifts

If you are sourcing a promotional item the terms promotional gift, business gift and corporate gift might cause confusion. Throw in corporate merchandise, executive gifts and many other terms such as corporate promotional gifts and it is easy to lose track of what you actually want. Are you looking for a unique corporate gift or maybe just a cheap advertising giveaway?

One of the more important things to remember is that your company image depends, in no small measure, on the quality of the products you are using as promotional gifts or corporate merchandise in your advertising mix.

The adage “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression” is particularly apt when you are using promotional gifts whatever price bracket you are in. Whatever your preferred image, there are certainly promotional gifts to complement your company.

It could be that a desktop paperweight is appropriate for your campaign or perhaps a stunning full color image on a heat sensitive mug, the kind that suddenly bursts into glorious technicolor as the mug is filled with warm incredibly powerful promotional gift.

Most organizations invest a great deal of time and money on a company logo and a house style that is reflected in quality stationery, advertising literature, web site, visiting cards and vehicle livery. Using promotional gifts is simply an extension of that investment and today there is a huge choice of promotional possibilities in the marketing mix.

A most important benefit – and one that should never be forgotten – is that the gift in question will always leave a lasting impression for good or ill. Further, the impression will linger for a long time. So make sure that the impression of your business gift – as with your stationery, advertising literature, web site, visiting cards and vehicle livery – is 100% positive, because every time the gift is used your name and reputation are on the line.

For instance, at a corporate golf day you have a wonderful choice of promotional items. Almost everything you use, caps, polo shirts, sweaters, umbrellas and golf balls should be an effective promotional tool advertising your company and its products.

Your name, sales message and logo are, therefore, on view around the course and often your gift will be used at a later date, sometimes by a spectator at a golfing tournament, with TV cameras present and may be televised around the country.

So you should always remember that your promotional gift is a silent but effective salesperson for your company. So choose wisely for your gift will continue to project your company image for a number of years and, therefore, is an incredibly potent part of your overall marketing campaign.