Why Are Promotional Gifts Popular Promotional Items?

There is no doubt that promotional gifts are popular promotional items with both the giver and the receiver. Provided they are not overly expensive and meet the various company rules everybody wins.

Many buyers are interested in something new rather than the tried and trusted. However, the tried and trusted is tried and trusted because it works. Therefore, you are often better sticking to promotional and advertizing products that are always in daily use. Items such as desktop promotional items that just sit there acting as a silent salespeople day after day.

Good examples are mugs, pens, coasters and computer accessories which are perennial favorites for a good reason. They are always there, gently reminding your customer of your product or service.

Consequently office items that may be seen as prosaic or mundane are very effective at promoting your company. You could run an advertising campaign every month for five years based on desktop promotional products and still have enough ideas for another five years.

Consider these everyday products, dull and hackneyed they may be, but are always useful on any desk; coasters, calendar coasters, mouse mats, computer mice, mugs, note pads, pad blocks, paperclips, paperweights, pencils, pens, rulers, letter openers, paper clip holders, post-it note pads, pencil sharpeners, staplers, wrist rests, erasers, highlighters, and well, it goes on and on.

Just have a look at what is on your own desk and you will see why promotional gifts are popular promotional products.

A perfect example of a desktop promotional product is a calendar. Everybody uses a calendar and one of the more intriguing desktop promotional gifts has to be a calendar coaster; a smart combination of two products making an attractive desktop promotional item.

A calendar coaster takes up very little room on a desk and is a low profile item but like all the other products in the desktop group, always there when needed.

Usually with calendar coasters you have a choice of a six month or twelve month calendar and even when the calendar is exhausted the coaster seems to stick around on the desk.

You can choose from an astonishingly large variety of materials as almost any material seems to be pressed into service for this significant desktop promotional gift. You can choose from leather, acrylic, PVC, melamine, steel and aluminum to name just a few.

If you intend to mail them in singles, sets of 4 or 6, some are more suitable for mailing than others. However, perhaps the prime consideration is the presentation of the actual calendar coaster, the number of colors and the method of the imprint. Best for mailing is an aluminum calendar coaster with a full color print – a perfect example of a popular promotional gift as a promotional item.