Why Are Laptops Such Good Value For Money?

There is an undeniable trend in the consumer market towards laptop computers, with many people ditching their aging desktops in favour of a sleek, slim portable computer that is no less powerful than a deskbound alternative. In the past the laptop was technically inferior to an equivalent priced desktop computer because the miniaturisation of components necessarily contributed to a steeper price for fundamentally slower machines. But now the balance has been redressed and multi-core processors, large hard drives and plenty of RAM on a laptop or desktop does not result in a price to performance discrepancy between the two types in as significant way. There are many laptops which offer performance at a value price point and so now we are going to have a brief look at the ten best laptops for people on a budget.

Dell Inspiron 1564

This laptop sports the latest Intel i3-330M dual core processor, 3GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive, which means it is the ideal performance laptop that is only lacking in the storage sector.

HP Mini 5102

The netbook sub-category of the laptop market is packed with value, but the HP Mini 5102 is critically acclaimed for its style, power and value.

Asus K50ID-X1

Laptops which represent value for money used to be lacking in graphical clout, but with an NVIDIA GT 320M dedicated onboard graphics card, complete with 1GB of RAM, this laptop is clearly a capable gaming machine.


HP continues to prove itself a versatile manufacturer with this powerful offering, notable for its speedy hard drive that loads files quickly, along with its exemplary battery life.

Toshiba NB305

This netbook can keep on going for eight and a half hours without needing a visit to a power socket and it is also very light, meaning it will not weigh you down over extended carrying periods.

Lenovo IdeaPad U350

This laptop sports a dual core processor, 4GB of Ram and a 320GB hard drive and it comes with the business-like Lenovo brand to back it all up, making it ideal for enterprise users.

Toshiba Satellite L505-ES5015

With Toshiba`s excellent TruBrite display technology onboard, you get all of the colour depth and contrast versatility of a desktop PC monitor without the associated bulk and size. This laptop can also display high definition video, like many of its peers.


This is a laptop aimed at hardcore gamers who do not have a huge amount of cash to burn. It has Intel`s Core i5 processor onboard, along with a high resolution 15.4 inch display and graphics by ATI.

Acer Aspire 5553

This laptop aims to provide a wide ranging multimedia experience without breaking the bank and it supports a number of audio and video formats and outputs, including Blu Ray movies for HD fun.

Samsung R520

This is a laptop designed for everyday use, but it still has frills including an HDMI output for streaming HD video to your TV, a display that uses LED backlighting to remain thin and the latest operating system preinstalled. With many free laptops being given away with promotional deals, choosing a device from one of these key manufacturers will ensure that you are not disappointed.