What is the Best Laptop For Students?

Students are known to ask a lot from there laptops running many different programs at once from office applications, music and videos, internet, instant chat as well as the occasional game, meaning that they will need a laptop that can handle all of this at the same time without going sluggish.

While it will not matter how fast a processor you get, it is vital that you get a dual core processor instead of a single core, enabling you to run many programs at the same time without hurting your laptops performance. Similarly, make sure you have at least 2GBs of memory especially if you like having many programs running at the same time. If you do want to play the occasional computer game then look for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card and avoid all integrated graphics like the plague otherwise you will struggle to play any games on your laptop.

As most students love their music, it would be a good idea to keep an eye out for the powerfulness and quality of the speakers. A good indication of laptop speaker quality is if the laptop has an inbuilt sub woofer. The alternative is to buy some additional speakers to use with your laptop.

Perhaps the hardest of all will be to find all these features for a good price as the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on a new laptop that is extremely likely to be dropped or have a drink spilt on it. The sheer number of laptops that have had beer spilt on them by students still amazes me. Keep in mind that a laptop that has had a drink spilt on the keyboard is a write off as the damage is too severe to make it worth while repairing and most warranties do not cover it. So if you are not sure you will take good care of your laptop you might want to check out a second hand one.

A lot of students are buying the cheaper little netbooks to save a few pounds only to find they are way too small to use for extended periods of time and lack the functionality of normal sized laptops. If you look into the functions of the netbooks you will quickly find that it is far better value for money to just buy a full sized laptop. Perhaps the only good thing about netbooks is that they are good for taking notes on in lectures as they are super portable. Just make sure the tiny keyboard is usable if you have normal or large sized fingers.