Finding a qualified workforce can be challenging at times. The organization, there needs to be a well-organized platform where the person can send their qualifications.

The text recruiting platforms is a secure platform where companies can reach out to the personnel I need for employment. These platforms allow the company to send job hunters messages to communicate with them on vacancies and maintain contacts. Companies can take advantage of these platforms.

Send a text to the right people

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made by a company is they send messages to the irrelevant people. The massages end up as spam to those people. It is therefore advisable to use the correct channel to send the messages.

Companies should use Facebook, LinkedIn, and job search sites to reach out to the correct persons. Post jobs on this site and encourage applicants to apply and send the specifications needed for the job.

Text messages make it easy and can reach to as many applicants as possible regardless of their location.

Communicate details

When sending messages to the applicants, share all the details to keep them aware of what to expect. Companies should include the qualifications, deadline of applications, and other specifications required by the position. The other most relevant information to include is the amount of salary to be paid.

Recruiting test messages makes it easy for the applicant to apply for the job. There will be no need for the applicant to send their certificates physically. Organizations can also create an automatic message that can be sent to potential applicants. When the organization gives the applicant all the information, it can help in influencing decision making.

Give feedback for applications

After receiving the application, let the applicants know that the company received the application, they are reviewing the application and will behave their feedback as soon as possible.

How to handle SMS job interviews?

The interview should be smooth to avoid sending away applicants. Smooth interviews make applicants cooperate and apply for the positions. Below are some of the tips that can be useful for organizations.

Professional and to the point messages

When sending SMS to the applicants, the message should be short and to the point. Too long messages can be annoying and ignore the readers. The messages should be limited to a maximum of 160 characters. The message should be as professional as possible.

Prepare the interview before

When preparing to host an interview, prepare everything needed before the interview. The interviewers should observe the interview specifications and prepare all the questions to be asked during the interview.

Organizing before helps avoid delays and confusion during the interview, making the interview run smoothly.

Ask simple and direct questions

Long sentenced questions can easily be misunderstood; therefore, it is advisable to set simple, short, and direct questions for the interview. Short and direct interviews contribute to an easy interview that the applicant can enjoy.

Give the response

Questions set should not be rushed, give the applicants time to think and respond to the question. When a respondent is given time to respond, he/she feels comfortable, giving the correct answer and encouraging them to join the organization.

Regardless of the 2020 situation, there is still a way that companies can adapt to handling their interviews. Text recruiting is an excellent channel to consider. It’s a flexible way of making the process easy and fast.

SMS recruiting provides a way that companies can get contact with potential applicants regardless of their physical address. The company should only work on making their recruit channel unique that works to their advantage.