Vanity Laptops

When it comes to accessories – there are plenty of ways to jazz up your electronic style. And when it comes to computers and technology, there’s certainly no shortage of accessories, colours and cases for your iPhone, MP3 player, laptop or tablet PC.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got some extra cash, you can really personalise your electronics collection even more with some real high end offerings. If you’re all about designer names and chic brands, check out some of these vanity laptops that really add some bling to your computing:

– Bentley Ego – heaven forbid you’re driving around in your gorgeous Bentley only to step out with *gasp* your ugly, clashing black laptop case! Never fear, Bentley is always looking after your stylings no matter where you’re headed. Every Ego for Bentley computer is hand-built and perfectly matched to your needs – using the finest Bentley materials, including a luxurious chrome handle and framed in white gold. However, this unit is built purely for looks, with an average 160 GB HD and 2 GB of RAM and lacklustre computing ability – you won’t be getting much bang in the power department. Coming in at just under $20k – this is the laptop that really, really shouts “I spent a lot of money, can’t you tell from my Bentley (laptop)?”

– Golden Delicious Apple – if you love your MacBook, but don’t feel that it quite lives up to your expensive tastes with its plain aluminium casing and cheap plastic keys, Computer Choppers have come up with the ultimate solution: 24-carat gold plated MacBook Pro with diamond studded Apple logo. There are services out there that can supply the same for your HP, Dell or any other notebook you choose as well.

– The Million Dollar Laptop – UK luxury goods maker, Luvaglio, made the tech headlines a few years ago with their offer to custom build a Million Dollar Laptop to meet their clients’ high end needs. In the first release by the company, Luvaglio’s million dollar concept promised solid state storage, blu-ray drive, integrated screen cleaning, and a jewel-encrusted power button. Of course, these were big claims to be making and every multi-billionaire in the world must have queued up to get theirs made…although to date, there has been no record of Luvaglio actually selling even one of their million dollar laptops.

Laptops for the rest of us

Meanwhile, if you’re not looking to fork out a small fortune for your computer, the everyday Acers, Dells and Macbooks will probably do just fine. Many of those looking to stay up to date with new models have found it easier to rent – laptop technology is being continually updated with more and more powerful machines and capabilities. After all, you would hate to be stuck with a Million Dollar Laptop that had originally been built with a 3.5 inch floppy drive.