The Positive Influence Funny Wallpapers Have on Our Mood and State of Mind

When stressed or upset, some new, funny wallpapers for your computer are sure to get you in a better mood. Change your usual, dark desktop background with a funny one and it will bring a smile to your face every time you take a break from work.

Being in a bad mood interferes with performance and the ability to concentrate. If you want to be efficient in your work, don’t let negative emotions overwhelm you. It’s easy to be upset, angry or grumpy, but these negative emotions profoundly influence many areas of your life. People who experience negative emotions often are more dissatisfied with their lives, more depressed and less efficient than normal people.

You shouldn’t wait for the bad mood to go away by itself. Do something and get rid of the gloomy feeling. The best way to feel good again is laughter. Researchers found that laughter has a positive influence on our minds and bodies. Therefore, use every opportunity and have a good laugh. It will make all your problems go away. Watch a comedy or download some funny backgrounds for your computer. Surrounding yourself with positive stimuli is the first thing you could do in order to feel better.

Laughter has many healthful effects: it can diminish stress, alleviate pain, improve motivation and contribute to the general sense of well being. Humor is often used in therapies because of its formidable power to heal the wounds of the soul. You probably noticed too, the refreshing, relaxing influence laughter has on you. After a good laugh, we feel energized and better prepared to face the world.

Scientific research shows that laughter can reduce stress, improve pain tolerance and reduce depression because it stimulates endorphin release. Endorphins are the natural painkillers in our bodies that produce a feeling of well being. Exercise, consumption of certain foods, and laughter are known to stimulate the release of endorphins. In addition, laughter improves blood circulation, has a positive impact on heart rate and muscle activity and stimulates the immune system. That is why laughter has such a healthful effect and why many therapists use and recommend it.

It’s difficult to say what provokes laughter or what are the reasons people laugh. It all has something to do with the unexpectedness of the situation, the joining of two unrelated elements. Laughter is a complex phenomenon and standard recipes do not usually apply.

What makes a funny image funny? It is impossible to explain. When looking for funny images for our desktops, we usually choose pictures that match our personalities. Cute baby pictures, animal photos or just ordinary objects seen from a different perspective have the power to make us smile without knowing why. The funny backgrounds manage to make us laugh whenever we turn on our computers. It’s a simple way to brighten our day and start off in a good mood.