The Most Popular Laptop Brands in 2011-2012

There are a wide variety of laptops out there, as there is a wide variety of brands, or manufacturers, that make laptops. Some of them have gained fame, while others still linger in the dark awaiting recognition. What makes a laptop brand popular and what are the most popular laptop brands?

Popularity, when it comes to technology and specifically laptops, has much to do with a lot features the computing machine has to offer the end user. Some brands have established themselves as innovators and usually bring out laptops with the newest technology built into them, allowing for a small glimpse into the future of mobile computing. Others are known by their interesting designs and the general feel a laptop can bring to a user. Many have gone to great lengths to optimize the way people work and play using laptops, and several branches (a.k.a. brands) have emerged, each of them dealing with a specific segment when it comes to usability or ultra performance.

Brands like Alienware, for example, are known worldwide to provide top-notch gaming system. These come usually packed with the latest high-tech solutions, meaning a heap of processing power to be able to withstand high requirements the newer generation of games have. Also, they are known to have quite a large price tag to them, so you won’t find your laptop for everyday use when searching through the Alienware brand. Instead, you’ll come across powerhouses which pack in a lot of tech in a very small space capable of taking any task you might throw at it.

Apple, on the other hand, is a great brand known worldwide for their unique approach to mobile computing. This brand is a true innovator in almost all aspects of the way we interact with technology. Aside from their already renown iPad and iPod line of products, their laptops are some of the best you’ll find which have a reasonable price tag to them and a lot of processing power to go. Their support makes Apple one of the most popular laptop brands today and their unique operating system approach give new meaning to the term “user friendly”.

Again, on the innovative side of things, one brand to truly appreciate is the Lenovo. Their laptops are known to be durable high performance machines, and the unique designs they pull out on a constant basis make them a true competitor in this popularity contest. Their laptops are usually packed full with useful and convenient software designed for businesses and average consumers alike. They address a lot of consumer needs and new generation software will keep them in a high position for years to come.

Sony is another popular brand among users. Their laptop designs are considered to be sometimes luxurious and their customer support can only be matched by Apple’s. Their goal is not only to make laptop that work well, but also make laptops that look exceptional and have an ultra-modern look and feel about them. They invented the island style keyboards and have been known to provide a better typing and navigation experience.

Acer is a bit of each, but since it doesn’t focus too much on a specific segment, they come out with plain looking laptop that gets the job done. This is addressed to people who don’t care much for the laptop design, and are interested specifically in everyday tasks. As an everyday use laptop, the Acer brand could be one of the most affordable laptops the market has to offer.