Some of the Best Cheap Laptop Companies

Many laptop manufacturing company’s are present today. Each one has developed a variety of different models. There is a positive and negative part on this.

The positive side is because there are so many laptop manufacturers in the world today, the intense pressure of competitiveness has forced companies to lower their prices. The negative side is that because of this people are having difficulty in deciding which one to choose. Each company produces a laptop with different features and styles, so you can never really tell which is better.

In order for you to find a company who sells cheap laptops, you have to search and know who are the reputable companies, so that you can be sure that the cheap laptop that you’re going to buy is reliable. Below is some information about companies and their cheap laptops.


This company is mostly famous among gamers because of their powerful and unique notebooks. The features that are included in their system are high-end graphics cards, large memory and the fastest processors.

These are the features that they have and other companies don’t. But all these comes with a price, however if you want to buy this company’s products there is a way for you to save some of your money. They sell their products in two different broad headings and the Sentia line is cheaper compared to their other lines. But it is also designed for basic laptop use and features Centrio technology that maximize battery life.


Finding cheap laptops under the Apple brand is not easy, for this company has the sole right to manufacture computers that runs their operating system. Even though Apple laptops don’t fall on the cheap category, if you really want one there are still ways to get it at a fairly cheap price. You have to search through the net for there are some sites that sell Apple laptops at a cheaper price.


If you really want to find an inexpensive new laptop then Compaq is the one for you. Compaq was one of the first affordable laptop computer companies available for consumers. HP bought Compaq and merged their products, after the merging HP decided that their cheaper line of laptops will be Compaq’s Presario. But since many stores sell Compaq laptops I suggest you should first do some basic research. Choose the model and go to stores that sell Compaq and ask for their prices. In this way you will be able to know which store has the cheapest price.


Today Dell products are one of the cheapest. At present Dell laptops are sold under three names the Inspiron, Latitude and Dell Precision line. The Latitude’s targets are business users so the software includes more on the business side. The Inspiron is for home and students so its features are more on the basic tasks. And, the Dell Precision aims for people who use graphic intensive software. Inspiron is the cheapest compared to the other two.


Was one of the companies that sells directly to the consumers, their laptops are among the cheaper ones compared to other companies. The cheapest way to get a gateway laptop at a low price is through their direct order system; you can go to their website or call them using a telephone.

These are just some of the many companies that sell cheap laptops. In buying a laptop aside from finding a price that fits your budget you also have to know and search for a reputable manufacturer in order for you to know that the product you are going to buy is worth the money.