Promotional Products For Employee Satisfaction

In the competitive world today, people spend hundreds of hours in their office. In the last few years, working hours have gone up by 15% while people are spending up to 33% less time in leisure.

This is a result of the economic crisis going on in the world today. Thus, people are spending more and more time at their work place. Thus, you as an employer can help your employees relax and unwind by providing them with promotional products for their office.

The desktop items used for brand promotion are an excellent way to promote your business with your existing and potential client base. Thus, they will have an item with them which they can use regularly and you, on the other hand, can relax thinking that your brand name is getting regular exposure every time they use your product. If you as a business house want to incorporate these desktop items for brand promotion, then here is a list of items you can use:

Promotional Calendars

In an office space, among the most essential desktop item is the calendar. Every employee would need one right on top of their desktop. Thus, using a promotional calendar will keep your company name and logo right in front of your client’s eye.

Promotional Pens

Pens are something which have always been a necessity and will remain so no matter how technologically advanced the world becomes. Thus, if you use pens for brand promotion, your brand name and logo gets exposure to up to eight times more. This is because it has been scientifically proven that during its life span one single pen is used by up to eight people.

Promotional Drink ware and Mugs

According to a survey, more than 70% people drink coffee every day, and especially so when they are at work. And for such people, who cannot do without coffee at work, there can be nothing more useful than a promotional mug. And these mugs travel as users tote them along when commuting, thus leading to more exposure.

Promotional Notebooks

These are items which are used by even the most tech savvy individuals. It is carried for meetings and used to jot down the to-do list.

Apart, from the above mentioned items for promotion, items which are popularly used include stress balls, post-it notes, candy jars and mouse pads to name a few.

Options are many to help you reach out to your clients, choice is yours!