New Reclining PC From Hewlett-Packard

PC’s are continually growing in popularity, but we have just recently been questioning when they are going to catch up to the smartphone and touch screen era we all live in today. Hewlett-Packard, or HP, has taken the original PC to the next level. They have created the first reclining touch screen personal desktop computer. HP had created this piece to be a type of console for running several programs and applications on one reclining stream board. We had seen the futuristic idea in Star Trek, as they touched the screens of their reclining desktop computers; but it was not until now that HP brought that very idea to present life.

This new device, named the HP TouchScreen 610 can soon be purchased directly through HP, or some of their online partner’s sites. The PC features a twenty-three inch high definition touch screen. This backlit screen is a liquid crystal display. Great for games, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as normal applications, this computer is an all-around winner.

On some applications such as that of Hulu and Twitter, there is enhanced touch-optimization. For other sound popular applications, there are sound enhanced applications. The TouchScreen 610 is going for approximately nine hundred dollars, and is literally predicted to burn off the shelves upon its formal release date. The HP TouchScreen 610 can also be linked to your notebook computer. This allows a user to operate applications and files directly from their notebook, but on a high-definition reclining touch screen.

The business version of this new reclining touch screen, entitled the HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business, can almost be reclined to a parallel angle of your workstation. The idea was to create a computer screen that fit humans, instead of humans having to adjust to their computers. With a reclining angle that fits your height and workstation requirements; surfing the web can be comfortable for the user.

This TouchSmart 9300 version is also created for use at kiosks, counter tops, etc. So when dealing with customers, it is no longer an issue to have to speak up and over a monitor. Cashiers are able to input information and then tilt the screen back to complete transactions. Chico’s, a women’s clothing and retail, store plans on putting the new HP TouchSmart 9300 in over one thousand of their stores, immediately upon release.

The TouchSmart models by Hewlett-Packard are noted to hit shelves in late May of two thousand and eleven. It will be interesting to see how much easier these touch screens make our lives; as well as what HP will have to offer us in the near future, thereafter.