Messenger Bags – What is a Good Choice For You?

Messenger bags have become quite trendy over the last few years. With more and more people toting laptops around and making use of mass transit for their commute, a portable and reliable solution is a must. And not only do you have to consider the necessity, you have to think about the fashion statement as well! Depending on your needs, there is a messenger bag suited for you. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you are out shopping.


When it comes to lasting quality, nothing beats leather. Leather comes in different colors and textures and looks great with pretty much anything. Other materials used to make messenger bags usually will not last as long and easily rip, tear and just plain look cheap. I recommend you invest a little extra money in leather, down the road you will be glad you did.


When shopping for a messenger bag, there are various sizes to consider. Usually they come in small, medium and large, so depending on what you are going to tote around, one will work best. If you are considering a bag to carry your laptop, keep an eye out for those that are marketed as laptop messenger bags. Usually these are going to have features that will better secure and protect your laptop. Consider what you will carry and what purpose the bag will have.

“The Look”

Depending on your needs and even the “crowd” you hang with, what your messenger bag looks like is important. If you are a businessperson on the go, a trendy plain leather bag will give you a smart look, whereas one that is more artsy and bold might give the wrong message.