This article will take a closer look at various types of content people can create for their membership sites. Images and texts are just the starting point when it comes to creating premium material a company’s target market will be willing to pay for. Adding various material types to the site will make the project more attractive to the audience. It can also help maximize content creation outputs. Let us find out different kinds of content people can create for their membership websites.


Kinds of content to create


Suppose a company is ready to branch out into other forms of content. This article will provide them with some vital inspiration. We will also give some examples of various types of material to help individuals decide which ones are perfect for them and their projects. Whether enterprises want to put their existing material creation capabilities to use or are prepared to learn new techniques, there are a lot of ways to help a company’s target market with various forms of publishing.


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Text-based contents


Companies will be familiar with the ideas of adding text-based content to membership websites. But these kinds of materials can come in different forms. They are not just limited to writing articles and guides. With this platform, people can produce short-form materials and in-depth articles with thousands of words.


Combining different types of text-based materials can help individuals be more productive when it comes to a number of articles published on the company website. For instance, organizations could publish short articles every week while producing more in-depth reports over the weekend.


This kind of approach might not only fit in the organization’s schedule, but it is also convenient for the target market who do not have time to consume detailed guides during work weeks. Other kinds of text-based platforms people can create for their site include:


  • Schedules, calendars, and printable checklists
  • Interviews with prominent figures and members
  • Collections of website links to useful articles companies have found elsewhere
  • Recap of previous days or thoughts of the day
  • In-depth reports, reviews, and tutorials
  • Industry news reports
  • Daily advice and tips


These materials can be published in the members-only area. It can also be part of the company’s strategy to use its blog to promote the website. An excellent example of this method is the bi-monthly series that is used to build target markets for successful paid products.


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Downloadable files


Creating quality downloadable files could be an excellent option depending on the product’s focus. For instance, if people are sharing graphic design tricks and tips, they can offer their members, stock images or starter files to provide more value to their target market.


Publish Electronic-Books


Whether the business uses electronic books as a lead platform to grow their email list, as part of their premium content for members, or marketing strategy, there are a lot of ways this kind of material can help their business. From compiling the best blog posts to creating original works, these eBooks can take a lot of forms. People can see this kind of material in action using Java programming that uses eBooks on Amazon to generate revenue, as well as drive leads to online courses.


Video contents


Creating videos for content does not just provide organizations with the ability to use video-sharing platforms to drive traffic to their project. It can also use videos to enhance the appeal of the membership area, as well as persuade site visitors to become paid members or subscribers. Again, the membership website’s video materials can take different forms, from screencasts to direct-to-camera talking heads to advanced documentaries to simple slideshows.


Regardless of the company’s production skills, access to modern equipment, and time constraints, organizations should be able to find ways to use this platform to improve their membership website. Some membership sites like Kajabi, 30-day trial is often given so web visitors can use free courses to great effect, letting possible new members experience the quality of their material before signing up.


Final thoughts


Now that the company has some cool new ideas for content, it is time to get creative. As we have seen, even if they stick to creating text-based materials, they still have a lot of options. For organizations who are willing to venture outside of their industry, there are some exciting materials they can create for their projects like webinars, video blogs, eBooks, or podcasts. Whether companies want to make their membership website more helpful and attractive, mix up their creation duties, or turn more of their free traffic into paid customers, producing various content can help them achieve their business goals.