How to Speed Up Your Laptop – Top 4 Tips to Make Your Slow Computer Run Like a Shuttle

Do you want to find out a proper option to speed up your slow running laptop? Have you ever worried about how to speed up your computer because it is running extremely slow? This is the right article focus on the top tips to speed up your laptop and make your slow computer run fast again in minute.

#1. The first step you can take to speed up your laptop is to add more RAM on your machine. This will guarantee sufficient space for PC running, especially for those users who usually download files on their hard drive. In addition, for those low configuration computers, adding more RAM can ensure enough space for laptop running at a optimal performance.

#2. Remove the redundant files and programs timely. As time goes by, you will feel the whole system runs increasingly slow as a mass of files and applications accumulate in your hard disk. Therefore, you need to delete the unwanted files to free up resource to speed up your laptop.

#3. Another tip for speeding up your laptop is to disable Windows services. There are numerous Windows services on a windows system computer, If you enable the useless services without selecting, they will occupies a lot of RAM on your machine thus slow down the system. So I recommend that you disable some useless windows services to speed up your laptop.

#4. Registry is the brain of the system where all the applications settings and other data is kept. Therefore, any errors of registry entries will lead to windows 7 running slow. Registry fix tool will help you sort out the registry and repair any corrupt or redundant files hiding in your windows registry and speed up your laptop.

If your computer is running extremely slow here is the solution by fixing Windows Registry errors.