How to Replace a Laptop Keyboard – 2 Really Easy Steps That Anyone Can Do

Do you know how to replace a laptop keyboard? It is actually much easier than you may think. In this article, I’ll share with you the easy steps required to get the job done. They are based on several years experience fixing computers for three large organisations. I hope you find it useful.

Remove The Old Keyboard

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old keyboard.

You might be replacing it because none of the keys work or because one or two of them don’t work. Either way, these old keyboards are usually not of any use. By all means, keep it handy but personally I don’t recommend that.

To get to the old keyboard, you need to remove the access panel. Usually this is above the first row of keys and you should be able to see one or two grooves to help you. Either way, you still need a screwdriver most of the time. Yes, you may damage the panel slightly but that is nothing to worry about – just warn the person before you do it.

Once the panel is removed, the keyboard should easily come out. It is connected to the main board via a ribbon cable which is easily detached.

Put The New Keyboard In

Now that you have removed the old keyboard you will want to put the new one in.

The process is the same as before, only in reverse.

So, first, connect the ribbon cable. Secondly, lay the keyboard down in place. Third, put the access panel back on. It should click into place.

Some laptops use screws too. In these cases, you’ll need a small screwdriver. Most of the time though you will not need to put any screws back in.

Handy Tip

While you’re at it, I suggest you get rid of all the nasty stuff under your keyboard. Take a vacuum cleaner and carefully suck out any debris.