One can struggle with constant obstacles and roadblocks when running a business locally and trying to get the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Competing against other businesses and companies that are more sophisticated with the technology of auto-generated ads and listings can be the biggest challenge of all. This could be enough of a challenge in and of itself but add to this, the ranking factors that are consistently evolving and changing with Google. Google’s algorithm updates can throw a curveball into a locally owned business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. For instance, the Possum update by Google allowed companies outside of the city limits to compete for local spots if that particular area is serviced by them. Agencies like Indianapolis SEO companies can help businesses to compete and develop strategies.

Let’s move forward with tips that even Indianapolis SEO companies and other ad agencies would probably recommend to get the best search engine optimization.

1. Business Listings should always be claimed

Duplicate listings can build up as time passes. Be sure to claim all of them and delete any duplicates. There are tools that can help detect and find duplicates. For example, Moz Local is one tool that can help find all listings associated with your business and help clean out all of the duplicates. And, always remember to keep your information up to date and accurate.

2. Make sure that your Website has Location pages

Be sure to have a landing page that is specific to all of the locations to your business. A landing page that is specific to your businesses can help to locate your listing and provide the correct location in a simplified way to the person searching. Be consistent in your decision to use the street, road, avenue, etc in an abbreviated form or in full written form. Always use the suite numbers if applicable.

3. Consistency with business Name, Address and Phone is important

Make sure your name is used the same way in all places. If your business is an Inc., LLC, or Co. always include and provide it everywhere. The complete address is a must as previously mentioned always be consistent in the way the address is written. Complete and correct phone numbers are a must without stating.

4. All Things Google My Business should be Updated

Having your business information correct is a must. Making your business information easily identifiable and quick is very important in reference to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Businesses should make it a routine to log into their Google My Business account to ensure all information is current and correct. A brief description of your business is important, always making sure it is informative. Include a link to your business website and the operation hours. Be creative making sure your business logo, product photos, and exterior photos are appealing. Do not provide blurry and unprofessional pictures. That could be a deterrent.

5. Acquire Reviews

Reviews are of the utmost importance. They play a big part in the factor of ranking. The reviews attained can help a business’s listing to be noticed. A positive review from a customer who is satisfied can go far. The real estate value on a page is very important as it is simply more advertising and positive reviews help in this way.

6. Provide and Create Local Content

By providing and creating local content geared toward your business niche will help your local rankings for searches.

In short, use these tips to get to the top of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game. This is a great starting point. So, go for it!