How to Build the Perfect Laptop Stand

It’s not the first time I bring into discussion laptop stand and their importance to the human body. Many choose to ignore this and the first signs of back pains caused by prolonged laptop use will show up in 5 to 10 years. In this post I’ll try and describe how one could build the perfect multipurpose laptop stand for cheap.

First you have to choose what’s most important for you: the type of stand you are going to build. I’ll suppose in this post you’ll want to build something versatile, light weight that can be used both while sitting on a bed, or working on a desk at the office.

Now, the choice of materials: aluminum is expensive, plastic is ugly, so we’re left with wood, a versatile material, easy to work with and which can be painted in any color so that it integrates better in your environment. Add to the wood some adhesive rubber bands and a cushion material that you’ll use on the lower part when holding the laptop on your lap.

Start by shaping the wood so that the front of you stand is thinner than the end so that the laptop’s screen ends up raised from horizontal. Leave enough space between the laptop and the stand (you can make the laptop stand with two raised parallel lines where the laptop bottom will make contact. Doing so will increase cooling and offer you with some space to nicely conceal cables going out of the laptop. On those raised edges put the adhesive rubber. You will use rubber adhesive under the stand too where you’ll attach the cushion.

This is the cheapest way you can build a laptop stand that is both cheap, lightweight and versatile.