Five Things No Administrative Assistant Should Be Without

Being an administrative assistant – or receptionist or secretary, as they’re sometimes called – is often one of the most challenging jobs in an office environment. Over the course of a business day, an admin assist will answer phones, great clients, make copies, put documents together, and open mail. And that’s just for starters. However, with the right tools, you can make your assistant’s day go more smoothly so that he/she will be happier and your office will be better organized and more productive. Here are five things no administrative assistant should be without.

Martin Yale P6200 Desktop Letter Folder. Folding correspondence is time-consuming and worst yet, it can be difficult to do it quickly and accurately when a worker is being distracted by a ringing phone and demanding clients. That’s where the P6200 comes in. This device is small enough to fit on top of a desk and it can fold a 3-page document in seconds. It is capable of folding up to 30 letters per minute or up to 1,800 sheets n an hour. The P6200 can even handle stapled sets, which can help your employee save time. This device really makes it fast and easy to prepare documents for mailing.

Martin Yale 1628 Desktop Letter Opener. Obviously, opening mail can be just as time-consuming as getting it ready. Luckily, the 1628 makes opening incoming mail incredibly easy. This machine will automatically feed and open a 1-inch stack of envelopes and has the ability to open 3,000 pieces of mail in on hour. It operates quietly and safety, with the blade being fully enclosed to prevent an injury from occurring. The 1628 is small enough to be a nice companion to the P6200.

Quartet Designer Tack and Write Cubicle Board. This board is really two boards in one. It is a whiteboard that can be used to keep track of assignments and phone messages, and it is also a tack board for pinning up important documents for convenient access. This board measures 23.5″ x 17.5″, so it is perfect for small spaces. It’s also easy to install and can be hung both on a cubicle or dry wall. This product comes with a Quartet dry erase marker.

A good stapler and hole-punch. Every admin assistant can benefit from having high-quality staplers and hole-punches nearby to reduce fatigue and get the job done faster. Some of the best products are made by Swingline. A great stapler to consider is the Swingline High-Capacity Desk Stapler, which requires 30% less effort when stapling and can fasten up to 60 sheets of paper. Plus, you only need to use one size of stapler with it, making it very convenient. As for the hole-punch, the Swingline LightTouch is a great choice. The lever is soft to the touch so it makes punching large amounts of paper painless. It will punch up to 20 sheets at once and the punching heads are semi-adjustable so it’s possible to produce different hole patterns. These two Swingline products would go great together.

The GBC HeatSeal H220 QuickStart Pouch Laminator. A pouch laminator can come in handy when your admin needs to make I.D. badges, informational placards, and other office items. The H220 is ready and seconds and can handle laminating pouches that are 3 and 5 mil thick. This machine will shut off automatically when not in use and it will laminate your documents beautifully every time. It is also easy to use and promises jam-free operation.

All of these things can make an admin assistant’s day a little bit easier and give him/her ways of rising up to almost any office task. So get these things today so your whole office will run much more smoothly.