Desktop Security Software – Should You Go For Free Or Paid Options?

When it comes to desktop security software there are so many options available it is often unclear about where it is that is best to turn for the answers. Many different options exist, some of them involving paid packages, others free options. People tend to have differing preferences when it comes to this, as often it is found that the free desktop security software options will come with many of the functions of paid software packages anyway. However, those preferring the paid option will tend to find that having a paid for product confers advantages of a more commercially professional end service.

Although many will opt for paid security options, it is often found that free versions of the same software are also available. These free versions are usually a functionally truncated version of the software that provides the basic level of security necessary for things like web browsing, like a simple firewall. However, the free versions may lack other important features such as anti-virus scanning and regular live updating.

One of the problems encountered when attempting to use free desktop security is that even if it provides anti-virus scanning for your desktop, it may be designed only to report back problems found from the scan as opposed to actually fixing them. This obviously makes the software of very limited use.

Another big drawback of free softwares often encountered is that customer service is not available or would be seriously compromised in contrast to their paid counterparts. If you are already quite expert with desktop security troubleshooting, this may not be a problem, but for many this will mean that if problems are indeed run in to, there will not be anywhere to turn for answers; in which case you may need to turn to paid software afterall.

In summary, the choice may well end up being a personal one, based upon your present level of IT proficiency and your confidence in the product that you opt for.