Desktop Monitoring Software – Monitoring Computer Activity

Each and every action that is performed on a computer, whether it is typing documents, sending email or browsing the internet, sends a signal to your hard drive. This is what makes a computer function. However, these signals can be intercepted and logged with desktop monitoring software.

Desktop monitoring software can be used for a variety of reasons. It can be used on your own computer in your home so that you can keep track of how other people are using your computer. It can also be installed by your employer so that they can observe how you are utilizing your time at work. Either way, it is a way to track and log all computer activity.

If desktop monitoring software is installed via Trojan horse, it can run in your computer, invisibly and transmit important data to hackers. A Trojan horse is an executable file which may be an attachment to an innocent email message. Once you click on the attachment, the Trojan is installed on your computer and the keylogger software will begin to collect and transmit your private information.

This can be a very dangerous situation. Once a hacker has your passwords or personal data, they can steal your money and information. This is one good reason not to open emails from unknown senders. If in doubt, always scan an attachment with an anti virus program before you open it. Most good anti virus programs will prevent the installation of these programs, but hackers are coming out with programs that can bypass these anti virus road blocks.

If you install this type of program on your own computer, you can see how it would collect useful information. No one would know it was on the computer save and except you. You would be able to see every user’s activities on that particular computer.