Cubicle Accessories can Increase your Workplace Productivity

When it really comes down to it, productivity should be your highest priority in your workplace. Without being productive, your boss isn’t going to be happy, your compensation won’t be as high, and your growth in the company could be jeopardized. So when it comes to cubicle accessories, you shouldn’t be so concerned about fun and novel office items, you should put a large emphasis on the kind of products that will help you be organized and productive.

I am always amazed at co-workers who go out and buy fun and novel office accessories only to find that their offices are in shambles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for adding some fun cubicle accessories, but they should come as an afterthought, long after you have furnished your office with organizational items.


In a small office space, which is basically what you have with a cubicle, organizing it properly will make the difference in the production that you have in that space. Utilizing a 2 drawer file cabinet wisely will tend to keep those hanging file folders off of your desktop. An exercise that you should probably perform at least twice a year is to purge any items in your file cabinet that you won’t need going forward.

You certainly don’t want to necessarily throw the file folder away but you should get yourself a cardboard box and mark it archive on the outside. Store these file folders that you are no longer utilizing in this box but keep the box in case you have to revisit this topic at your current job or in a future job. Keep this archive box in a storage room at work or, better yet, bring it home and keep a section of your file cabinet at home devoted to archived work projects. You’ll never know when you may need them in the future.

Other organizational cubicle accessories you should have is a desktop organizer and a cubicle desk shelf. If I was going to rate the organizational items in my office, my desk organizer is number one! Since I bought mine, I can find Post-it notes, pens, pencils, white-out, binder and paper clips, and scissors all in one space. The best part about it is that it takes up a small amount of desk space. My desk shelf allows me to store books and other small office items on top of and below the shelf which maximizes the small amount of space I have available.


Being efficient will aid in your productivity as well. With your file cabinet, you want to have it within arm’s reach rather than on the other side of your cubicle. I understand that your cubicle is small, but if your file folders are behind you and not within arm’s length, you are wasting time and movement. My 2 drawer file cabinet is just to the left of my chair so I don’t even have to move to access my folders.

Another item I recently purchased is a flat panel copy holder. This is a rather unique item that attaches to the side of my flat panel monitor and holds a to-do list or any paperwork that may be associated with a current project. It also is off of my desktop and right in clear view which makes it perfect for me to stay focused on items that are of the highest priority.

When you think of cubicle accessories, think first of how you can become more efficient and productive in your workplace instead of what will make it more fun to be there. You can always add some of those items later on. If you keep your focus on your workplace production, your boss will be happy and you might be a lot happier when you see a little boost in your weekly paycheck!