Buying the Best Computers Brands

Office and home computers fall in a similar category as their basic configuration is similar and they mostly vary in applications required for their users. Desktops and laptops are usually quite inexpensive but models that come with high-end features can be somewhat costly. Buying one or two PCs for use at home does not normally amount to much but most office set-ups need several computers. Nowadays, business computer rentals offer an affordable means to meet large-scale technology requirements.

It is hard to decide on the best models to buy as each time a PC manufacturer launches a new model, better and more elaborate features are built-in. The basic features, however, remain more or less the same, even across several top-of-the-line brands. The companies that rule the PC market have been doing so for a while now. Here is a quick look at which brands are the best buys.

Hewlett Packard

Everyone agrees that Hewlett Packard defined personal computing and made it the indispensable tool it is in nearly every industry. The HP product range includes models for graphic art, educational and government institutions and large enterprises aside from computers for home usage. Most of its recent models are equipped with remarkable sound and graphic cards and have easy memory expansion options.


If Hewlett Packard is credited with launching computer technology in a big way, then Apple is the company that took it to the next level and revolutionized it. Mac PCs are popular for their video and music capabilities along with an enviable design. Featuring great performance and processor speed, Macs are the first choice for professionals involved in visual and audio art. Apple computers cost a little more than other brands but are definitely worth the money. Most business computer rentals services stock both Mac desktops and notebooks and rent them out for a reasonable fee.


Practical and functional, Dell personal computers are often a good choice for both home and office use. Most users testify to the brand’s reliability in terms of product quality and performance. With its diverse range of models, Dell offers great flexibility through customized and packaged solutions. Their PCs are fast and functional and come at a reasonable price tag. Many small and medium businesses find Dell computers good value for money. A�


While on the subject of value for money, Gateway has definitely established itself as a worthy competitor to the likes of Compaq, Dell and HP. Solid, reliable and affordable, these PCs run on dual core processors and hence, are just as fast as other big brand computers. Their desktops begin at $500 and laptops at $600, making them a very cost effective choice. The company ensures that their after sales support team is responsive and helpful to users.

Since most business units require computers for temporary use in events like trainings etc, they often turn to reliable business computer rentals for their needs. Aside from the brands discussed above, most rental firms also stock Compaq, eMachines, Acer, Sony and Alienware machines.