All-Purpose Laptop Buying Guide

For categorical purposes, an all-purpose laptop can be either an ultra-thin and ultra-light unit with a 13-inch screen or a more sturdy laptop with a screen measuring 15 inches or larger. In terms of pricing, most all-purpose laptops start at around the $600 range and can head all the way up to $2,000 if that’s something you’re interested in. The sky is the limit.

In terms of purchasing the best all-purpose laptop, the first thing you should start with is screen size. Check out the varying models and compare them against each other for the best indication of what’s out there in the market, and then pick the model that best meets your own personal needs. Gamers may want a bigger screen, for instance, while traveling users could do with a smaller screen for ease of storage.

Processors should be vigorous, no matter what the purpose, so you can feel free to let your spending flag fly wherever you want it. In the unlikely event that you’ve got money to burn, you’ll want at least 2.0 GHz of clock speed to bounce your system around properly. A 7,200 rpm hard drive will help fit your needs, too, so don’t be afraid to get a strapping machine.

One of the areas that you may want to think about is whether or not you need a Blu-Ray player with your laptop. These can add extra expenses for almost no good reason – not only can the Blu-Ray HD prove a little dubious on the laptop, but the screens aren’t big enough to fully enjoy the stuff.

Buying an all-purpose laptop doesn’t have to be too difficult and, contrary to popular belief, spending good money on a top-notch product can actually be a very pleasing experience. Take your time, ask your deal a lot of questions, and don’t be afraid to compare.