A Remarkable Speaker System – Logitech AudioHub Notebook With Integrated USB Hub

One of the leading game controller and peripheral manufacturers, Logitech offers products that are forward-looking. The AudioHub Notebook Speaker System is just one of its most current innovations. It works by changing a minute laptop sound system into a rich-filled sounding stereo sound.

An adjustable one-piece, three-chamber speaker system with an incorporated subwoofer that produces balanced audio is its features. There is also a useful mute button that turns off the sound without stopping the power to the incorporated USB hub. And it fits nicely behind most notebooks. It absolutely provides better sound than your notebook’s integrated speakers and is an ideal solution for those using notebook as their main computer system.

Quality sounds produced by this movable device will make the user gasp in admiration which can be achieved by connecting it to the power and a USB connection either on a laptop or desktop. Some of the conveniences that the AudioHub Notebook Speaker System offers are:

It is powered and has an incorporated USB hub. You only need a single cable to connect your speakers and other devices to your notebook.

It is space saving. The premium speaker system, USB hub, and cable control are stylishly combined in a one-piece design.

It is space saving. The premium speaker system, USB hub, and cable control are stylishly combined in a one-piece design.

Body is adjustable. The AudioHub Notebook Speaker System adjusts to your work area. Most notebooks with screens 17 inches or less and LCD monitors can be accommodated by its telescoping speakers.

It has a webcam stand. With the removable stand, your webcam is kept at the optimal height.

The system requirements of this speaker system are:

For a PC:

Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

A USB port

For a Mac:

Mac OS X or higher

A USB port

Take a look at its technical specifications:

Has a total RMS power of 15 watts

Drivers: Tweeters: Two 2″ drivers and Woofer: One 3″ driver

Connections: A powered, three-port USB 2. hub

Be sure to check the following items when you buy this device.

The Logitech AudioHub with integrated subwoofer, 2 satellite speakers, and a USB hub

A 6 feet AC power cable

An affixed 2 feet and 4 feet extension SB cables

A webcam stand

A quick-start guide

Hardware warranty of 2 years.

The Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speaker System with Integrated USB Hub suggested retail price is $99.99 while online price ranges from $57.18 to $71.27.