7 Things That Make Me Keep My Mini Notebook Computer

Netbooks are more popular than ever and manufacturers have good reasons to keep making them. They are cheap, easy to use, small and light and the computing power is just enough for everything these computers are advertised for. I’ve had mine for a few months now and I have my own reasons to keep using it for some more months.

Netbooks, especially the 10 inch category is not an old creation. The first netbook made by Asus were introduced in 2007, 9 and 10 inch models quickly followed. This 3 year compared to the age of notebooks’ 15+ years of being on the market can be considered a short period of time, but they’ve already proven their worth.

1. I wouldn’t sell this netbook even if I had something else. It has helped me so many times during these months that I’m now emotionally attached to it. Some people may say this is silly and I should get rid of it, but I’m not going to give up the computer I used for more than 2000 hours.

2. It does everything I need it to do. This often comes from Apple fans who try to justify a missing feature in the latest gadget coming from Cupertino, but I’m not protecting any brand or model. A netbook is made for browsing online content and playing media, and mine does that absolutely perfectly. I can’t ask for more than that for the $400 I paid for it.

3. It’s small and easy to carry around. I could tote a much bigger notebook considering that I’m an average height male, but I don’t want to be rooted by a 7 lbs monster of a laptop. If I have to leg it to catch the bus or climb 4 stories of stairs the fact that I have a 2.4 lbs computer makes all the difference.

4. It was cheap. People are more attached to things that are expensive, but it doesn’t make any difference that I got it for less than a half thousand dollars. It was cheap and does more than expected, which makes me value it for more than its monetary worth. I know I’m sentimental, but this little thing is here to stay.

5. The battery life is extraordinary. Even if I had a computer that ran 10 hours I’d still keep this. This particular model runs for 7.5 hours on a single charge, which is about as much as 3 movies watched in the bed. I’m just like that; I don’t want to put a big 15″ notebook on my belly when I watch something laying flat.

6. It’s easy to use and has a comfortable keyboard. I type for the great majority of my days; I do a lot of word processing and spreadsheet editing. It does what I need it to do and I don’t really want to give it up. I’m used to the keyboard and while 70 words per minute is not a lot for some of the folks who can touch type, it is for me.

7. It is as quiet as computers get. Some people couldn’t care less about the noise level their computer hits, I prefer it cool and silent. I want to be able to sleep next to it even if I happen to leave it switched on.