7 Reasons Why Netbooks Are Better For Mobile Work Than Notebooks

Netbooks are flying off the shelves and they have their solid selling points compared to other notebook categories. If you were thinking about getting a notebook or the smaller brother, this article may help you decide between the two.

Notebooks have been extremely popular for 10 years and netbooks have been around for only 3. They both have their strong and weak points, but netbooks win the battle where other forms of mobile computing should be strong.

1. Netbooks are smaller. They fit more bags and you should have no problem putting one into any backpack. The small size also allows for lower price.

2. More neatly organized and specifically designed than the 15″-s. When a maker needs to put everything in a 10″ case they need to think hard to find space for everything, it often leads to better designs.

3. Battery life is almost always better. Notebooks often stay under the 5 hours mark which is the low limit for netbooks. When you look around on the market you will notice that a few netbooks, especially the ones coming from factories of Asus score all the way up to 10 hours between 100% and 0% battery statuses.

4. Their price tag is often lower than what you’d expect on a full-fledged computer. $300 gets you a basic model $400 puts in some extra, and you can have the Cadillac of the category just a whisker under $500. Anyone who is looking for a laptop would have hard time finding a good quality 15.6″ product for this amount of money.

5. They can be more easily operated on public transportation. Some say they have no problem flipping a 15″ open on any bus or train, but the reality is that you can fit on a single seat better if you have a 2.5 lbs device on your lap instead one that weighs 6.5 and stretches all the way across your legs.

6. They often have extra connection options compared to big laptops. You may be able to find a normal notebook that comes with Bluetooth, infra-red, 3G modem, 802.11bgn wireless connectors, modem and RJ-45 Ethernet port but you don’t have to look half as hard when you pick a netbook.

7. Accessories cost less. While it would cost $20 to buy a laptop sleeve for a normal notebook, you can have one for $10 for your mini. The case is similar when it comes to laptop bags, scratch protective foils and outer skins, and generally parts that are designed to protect your portable computer while on the go.