Every company needs surveillance. Some business owners think that this is intruding on workers’ privacy, but it is not the case. When you pay for the rent of the office, and everyone comes to work for you, then you have every right to protect your assets and film what’s happening inside.

The toilets are the only place that is off-limits since this is differently regulated. This is why the best video surveillance for your business should be a covert CCTV option. It provides a perfect insight into the office, and no one notices it is there.

In this article, we’re sharing more ideas over what are the five top reasons for installing something like this within your company. Follow up if you want to know more on this subject.

1. It gives you an effective anti-burglar policy

When the working day is over, the office is a place that is easily breachable by burglars. They usually don’t do it because there’s security at the front door, and there’s usually nothing to be stolen that might be valuable. Companies don’t keep their money in the office.

However, from time to time, there’s someone that will get inside. When they notice that there is no camera, they’ll take their masks off and it will be so easy to recognize them. The police will do the rest, of course.

2. Puts employees under control

The more important reason for installing convert CCTV is to see what employees are doing during their working day. There are tons of workers who are simply lying to their bosses about how busy they are. To make sure that they are not lying, the covert cameras are there. See what covert CCTV is here.

They are specially designed to be able to transfer data immediately to another computer. The boss can see what they are doing at all times. If they are not working, the camera will notice that. Depending on the decision, the boss can take action immediately and have a proof for their action.

3. Surveillance is 24/7

The good thing about these items is that they can work 24/7. You don’t have to shut them off ever. They’ll record what’s happening at all times, so when you get back the next day at work, you can rewind quickly what was happening while you were not there.

See if the janitors did something while cleaning if some of the workers left overtime and everything that might have been happening during the night. You don’t have to use them just to punish someone, but also reward those who are giving their best at work.

4. Provides effective research data

With the latter being said, you understand that CCTV cameras are not there to provide proof for sacking everyone off work but to provide better working conditions and push the company forward. The cameras can be used for surveillance and collecting data at the workplace.

Someone can go through them and make an analysis. See what the negative and the positive sides at the office are. Collecting data and analyzing means making sense of the situation and thinking about how to improve the work.

5. It is the most effective way to legally protect your company

Whatever happens in the office, you can provide proof that goes in your favor. Companies with offices often face problems with employees, outside clients, and whatever there is that comes their way. It’s sometimes hard to back the claims. See how this is used in court here: https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/how-cctv-is-used-in-the-community.

Having a CCTV camera means direct proof of what was happening. You can provide this proof to the lawyers and the judges, and be sure that you’re not going to lose the case. Since you’re filming in your own office, you have nothing to worry about. Just place a sign at the front door, and that’s it.


These five points are everything you need to know about covert cameras at the workplace. As you can see they can be very valuable.

If you’re having problems, or you want to prevent them, install one of them. If you want to collect data and research on how to make the office a better working place that will drive the business forward, covert cameras are your solution.