5 Reasons to Buy an Asus Netbook

Netbooks are now on the shelves of every computer store, and the price is very attracting to people on the tight budget. There are probably more than a dozen manufacturers who would like a slice of the cake, one of them is Asus, the pioneer of the category. This article aims to give the five top reasons to buy a netbook from their factory instead of others’.

Asus has been manufacturing laptops, notebooks of all sizes for years and they’ve been into the mini notebook businness for three years now, I guess thats one good reason to at least consider their models.

1. They’ve been on the market of netbooks for three years. It doesn’t guarantee top-notch build quality and good materials, but in this case it happens to be that way. They wouldn’t offer more than a dozen different models after three years if they were giving sub-par quality out of their hands.

2. Battery life. I’m not sure how they always manage to build a netbook with longer battery life than the competition using the same set of components, but they do. Their N450 based EEE pc with a 6 cell battery, the 1005PE-P goes on for 12-14 hours, while a HP Mini 210 with the same parts falls just short of ten hours.

3. Keyboard quality. I’ve been typing for hours every day for more than half a year and all I see is some wear on the keys. The surface of individual keys I press more often got glossy as if my fingers sanded them. The stickers are intact and I don’t feel the tiniest change in how they react to force. They’re also as big as keys can be in this case size, design of buttons is ingenious in their best seller, the 1005 line.

4. Screen. It’s not easy to find matte screen on the market so if you want to have such a monitor I suggest checking out Asus’ portfolio. Fortunately they still use this type so you can carry on working in strong light without worrying about going blind or bouncing sun-rays in someone else’s face.

5. Price. You can easily spend $450 on a Lenovo netbook, and you get superb quality with tons of features, too, but an Asus netbook can easily be had for $300 to $350 without having to worry about it. They often have very good deals without compromising on materials and build quality.