There are roughly over a billion software pieces in the world available for you to use. That’s an outstanding number, but not all of them are as famous and well-known as the packages coming from Adobe. Learn more about Adobe here.

This company has been around for decades creating software for people using computers all around the world. Their solutions have become an unbreakable part of our work and we no longer notice that these programs are running in the background helping us see what we need at particular moments.

Some of the software solutions provided by Adobe are free, but for those who are specialized for some needs, users need to pay extra. In this article, we’re talking more about the famous software called Acrobat. We’ll tell you why everyone must have it and how it may help the organization using it. Follow up if you want to know more about this!

1. Able to convert anything into PDF format

Every software has its outline and output that is unique. This may be perfect for those only working on one platform and does not need to present their work to others, but when it comes to providing documents for others to see, then you know the best solution is converting these files into a PDF format.

The only program turning them into PDF is Adobe Acrobat. Depending on the package you get, you can only turn a few file types into PDF, or virtually anything you like. Most of us are used to turning Word documents or Excel sheets into PDF which is fairly easy, but with the best option of Acrobat, you can convert literally anything.

Working in a complex program might be simple for you. Presenting your work to others through it is not an easy job. They might not understand a word you’re saying. That’s where PDF comes into play. Converting your work into a useful PDF file is the best thing you can do when you want to make an impression.

2. Edit your PDF files from the same platform

How many times you were dealing with a PDF that isn’t editing? It’s frustrating, and you want to rip the screen out of its place because you’re not able to get the job done. This isn’t needed if you’re using a pro version. See more about the PDF format on this link:

With it, you can edit anything from the very same platform. All you need to do is open the icon on the desktop and edit whatever you want from there. It’s simple and easy because Acrobat is connected to the other software on your computer and is capable of handling the job for you instead of going back and forth from one program to another.

3. Makes it perfectly easy for everyone within the organization to have control over the content

Just like other useful programs we use for tracking changes, now Acrobat is capable of doing the same. There are versions saved for one document by different people in the organization. Depending on what you want to see, and whose remarks you want to read, you can open that particular file.

These are not all different documents standing somewhere on the company file but within the same document. They are called reviews or comments, depending on the operative system you’re using. Everyone can have a look at them and edit accordingly.

4. Able to add your personalized signature

The fast pace of technology asks for a different type of arrangement today. We have no more time to waste going to the notary or sign documents, then scan them, then send them to our associates. Instead, we now have programs that do this for us.

All you need to do is scan your signature once. Then you should upload it to the software and save it as such. After this, you can use your signature in your documents every time you need it. You don’t have to do that complex procedure anymore. Using an e-signature has never been easier with this software.

Most people and most programs today use a complex solution to this problem or they offer an electronic signature which not always serve its purpose. This one’s different.

5. Provides amazing quality and content preview

When you have a document of some kind and you want to zoom in to see the image in it, you often face the problem of lack of quality. You can’t see it the way you want it to. This is not going to happen with Acrobat.

If the original file you’re converting is of great quality, be sure that you’ll have it in PDF with the exact same one. Even if you work directly in the Acrobat platform, you can always have whatever you need in full resolution. Previewing files is as perfect as it can be.


If you have never used this software on a professional level before it is not time to check out its features in detail. You’ll be surprised about the things you’ll find inside. It’s a high-quality and complex software that is worth having a look at.

There are lots of others online, but it seems like nothing is yet to compromise and take the throne from the well-known and respected Adobe. The Reader platform is just one of its amazing products.