3 Tips For Getting a Cheap Gaming Desktop Computer

A gaming desktop computer is optimized for smooth game play. Unlike ordinary PC’s, these specially designed units won’t crash, lock up or otherwise fail when playing the latest games with the best graphics. In order to provide this functionality, these machines use top of the line, cutting edge technology inside the box.

Of course, having the best of the best is never a cheap proposition. A good gaming computer will run several hundred or even a thousand dollars more over an ordinary computer. For name brands such as the Alienware line it can be even more. If you are shopping for a computer for gaming, be prepared for the sticker shock.

Tip #1: Buy Gently Used

If getting your machine new is too pricey then you may want to consider buying a gently used one. Because of the quality cutting edge components used in top brand gaming desktops they have a longer usable lifespan than your average computer. Some 2 year old PC’s offer more than new computers today and cost a lot less. You can find these for sale in the classifieds or by shopping online auctions.

Tip #2: Find Deals on Parts & Re-Build

If you have a computer that could be rebuilt in to a gaming computer, you may be able to build one on a budget. This will only work out less expensive if you can get really good deals on components. You can get overstocks and wholesale prices on some parts by getting them from online auctions and you can find cheaper suppliers online that you can locally or buying from a big box retail store.

If you are computer savvy, planning, sourcing cheap parts and rebuilding a computer can be a good way to get a cheap gaming desktop computer.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Special Sales

There are many opportunities to take advantage of good deals. Sometimes stores must clear out the old models to make way for a new release. To get these machines to sell faster, they are put on sale. There are also weekly sales usually on Saturdays and Sundays at major retailers where you can save on whatever is offered that week. Online sites such as Amazon also offer weekly sales and limited time specials. Taking advantage of sales can save you a few hundred off of the cost of your gaming computer.