12 Inch Netbooks and the Reasons to Pick One

Netbook manufacturers put some real effort into making their products taken seriously and they succeeded. Now every manufacturer wants to have a slice of the pie, and every computer store has a shelf just for these computers. Here is the new revolution that blurs the lines between normal notebooks and netbooks even more.

12 Inch netbooks are somewhat of a new creation, they popped their heads up late 2009 with the introduction of Nvidia’s ION platform. This set of chip consists of an Intel Atom processor of some description, a controller circuit and a 9300M graphic adapter. This chip allows for more functionality stuffed into the same little case, and the little case to grow bigger.

1. 12 Inch netbooks that are fitted with Nvidia Ion technology run high definition movies without a hitch. Not just any high definition standard, but full 1080p encoded movies, enhanced by the graphic adapter. It lets you use the computer for other things even while it decodes the movie.

2. It can run games old notebooks could never sink their teeth into. The 9300M is not the fastest mobile chip ever, but it runs even more recent titles without problems. If you were a fan of Diablo series, you might want to try Torchlight on these netbooks.

3. 12″ screen gives better resolution. 10″ screens had the 1024 by 600 resolution which is plenty to browse on, but when it comes to high definition movies, 1366 by 768 is much more convenient. It offers more desktop space for multitasking, or 720p videos to be rendered on native resolution.

4. They have HDMI connector. If you don’t have a large LCD TV you might even take it as irrelevant, but those who like to play their movies on the large screen it is a godsend. The netbook is as silent as a computer can ever be, and thus doesn’t steal the least of the full HD experience.

5. 12″ netbooks offer more space for stronger components. You don’t really need dual core processor to run a browser comfortably, but two of the 1.6GHz Intel Atom doesn’t hurt the least. You can run the browser just as well as you could on a 10″ netbook, but you can also play HD movies, watch flash content run different messaging services all at once. It gives the freedom of more powerful multitasking.

6. More RAM is always better, 2GB is much more than 1. Old netbooks came with 1GB memory, but since the price is higher than that of a 10″ device, they might as well just put in 2GBs of memory. More memory lets you use more programs at once.