How to Properly Care for a Computer so That it Lasts

It is the duty of every user to always take good care of his computer so that the computer is not damaged and hangs. Especially with the various new computing devices in 2020, such as laptops, iPads, tablets, and various sophisticated devices that are in great demand by the world community. Computers should not be used and only used by us just like that, computers must be cared for on their components to keep the computer working and can continue to be used by us.


1. Care with Close Unneeded Programs

The first way to properly maintain a computer is to close unneeded programs. Each program that is loaded requires RAM memory, so the more programs that are run, the more memory is consumed.

With this, besides being able to cause your computer to run slowly, your computer’s workload becomes heavier.

In the end will be able to shorten the life of the components on your computer.

2. Install Adequate CPU Ventilation

The point of these computer tips is that you place the monitor and CPU in the air vent from the wall to the monitor / CPU wide enough and the air flows quite smoothly.

Poor ventilation will cause excessive heating, so that the component circuit will be fast, so heat can shorten the life of the component. Therefore, ensure that there is at least 30 cm between the CPU and the monitor.

3. Install Antivirus Programs and Periodic Updates

To be able to recognize new viruses on your computer you must update your antivirus program regularly. Viruses that have spread on your computer can cause you to reinstall your computer.

In addition, it will also cause your hard drive to become damaged more easily than if you don’t reinstall often.

4. Remove Programs You Don’t Use

Removing programs that you don’t use is one way to properly care for your computer. A full disk space will slow down the process of reading or writing the drive, so that your computer’s workload will be heavier so that the hard drive will be more susceptible to damage.

5. Use UPS / Stabilizer

Use a UPS to anticipate blackouts / sudden shutdowns that can cause damage to your computer components, especially the hard drive.

If you don’t have a UPS, use a stabilizer to anticipate and stabilize power supply voltage fluctuations.

6. Defragment Hard Drive Regularly

Defragment function is to organize files based on the type of data on the hard disk. In this way, it can facilitate the read / write process on your computer so that your computer’s workload will also be lighter. In the end it can extend the life of your hard drive.

The trick is to click the Start menu> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter .

When performing this function, no other programs, including screensavers, should be running on your computer because it will interfere with the function of the