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Increasing Your Church Donations by Keeping Up with Technology

According to Forbes, studies have shown that there are more than 27 percent of people in America who are barely making ends meet from their income that they currently make. There are also 21 percent of people who currently rely on their savings in order to survive. Interestingly, there are more than about 40 percent of people in America who stated that they would have difficulty paying for an unexpected bill of more than $1,000 dollars. The rate of people reporting to have financial difficulty only continues to grow every single year in America. There are more and more average hard-working Americans struggling to be able to pay for the most basic means of survival, such as food, clothing and gas to get to their jobs. During the holiday seasons, the situation only begins to worsen. With more expenses approaching, it becomes more and more difficult to be able to cover expenses and overhead. Also, more and more hard-working Americans are forced to work two full-time jobs just to be able to cover their expenses, making it harder for them to attend churches. The less they attend church sessions, the less they are able to provide donations for the church. Keeping up with technology and utilizing online platforms can allow your church to be able to collect an increase in donations with or without them being present.

According to Pew Research Center, studies show that there are more than 77 percent of adults in the United States that own a smartphone. In addition, the ownership of smartphones are actually more common among the younger age generations. For example, there are 92 percent of adults that are ages 18 to 29 years old that own a smartphone and 42 percent of those that are ages 65 years old and older that own a smartphone. It is definitely not a secret that in America, everybody usually turns to their smartphone to perform the most basic tasks. Many people are now able to order food from their smartphones, perform their banking on their smartphone, order groceries from their smartphone, have their laundry done from their smartphone, and basically accomplish almost anything you want to have done from your smartphone. You are able to better communicate with people by keeping up with technology. Just because many people do not attend church on a regular basis does not mean that they worship. In fact, many people spend a significant amount of time watching church sessions offering their smartphones as well. When you allow your church to allow people to make donations from their smartphones, you increase the chances of your church receiving donations because you are appealing to the busy lives of many individuals.

If you have realized that your church needs to increase the donations received, consider appealing to the crowd with technology. You can take time to conduct some research online to find out more information. You may want to search Tithe.ly for an example. From here, you should be able to find out more information about joining a platform that will allow you to have your church members make electronic donations online.

Increasing your church donations are important to the church and people. The more Church donations you are able to receive, the more help you are able to distribute. Signing up with an online platform to receive electronic donations is the best way to appeal to those who cannot attend church on a regular basis.

Bots: The Future of Virtual Interactions  

In the past 36 months, the terminology ‘bot’ has been a regular news item. It has been associated with all the wrong reasons. For example, alleged election interference, spam social media accounts and most commonly unauthorized and illegal online shopping. All these cases represent one side of bots, which although they are possible, they represent just a single story of bots.

This case scenario takes us back to the question of what are bots?. There are different definitions of bots and it depends on who is defining and for what purpose of definition. However, the simplest definition of a bot is an automated software. The definition opens the debate on how the automated software can be useful for people and businesses and the misconceptions associated with them (bots).

How Can Bots Help a Business Grow?

Away from the bad publicity bots have received in the recent past, they are the ideal tool for business growth in the virtual spaces. Some of the ways that automated systems can help a business grow include the following.

Bots Improve Interactions on Websites

Interactions are key for growth. The modern consumer appreciates a responsive and interactive website. The problem with this need for interaction and responsiveness is the fact that managing a 24-hour website is next to impossible and if implemented, it is costly. Fortunately, bots can simplify this need by assisting the customers. The approach has assisted major entities such as Facebook to bridge the gap between people seeking assistance and the available personnel.

Bots Are the Best Way to Minimize Running Costs

A business website with bots is relatively cheaper to run than a website with no bots or with poorly integrated bots. The latter will require a department to keep up with the other website and workforce is expensive. Once the bots are integrated with the website, the website runs on an almost zero budget without compromising the value of interaction and responsiveness. This cost minimization is the ultimate goal of any business, especially on virtual space.

Bots Are Ideal for Future Planning and Sales Analysis

Planning is one of the most crucial aspects of business growth. Bots can analyze human interaction with the business website and give a concrete analyzed data on what the business needs to improve on. It is therefore correct to state that bots save a lot of money that can be spent on hiring a data firm to analyze business.

Is Chatbot The Same as a Bot?

The two are commonly misunderstood. They interchangeably used. A chatbot is a more advanced bot specifically designed to interact with humans as opposed to typical bots that are specifically not designed for chats. This means therefore that chatbots have a more comprehensive language and one cannot realize they are conversing with a bot. Different chatbots have different languages. The diversity in language is ideal for bot-customization and therefore better results.

The future of bots is bright. The world I moving to a more system-oriented reality. For business and entities to be at per with this fast-growing trend, bots and chatbots are not only vital but also inevitable.…

Three Effective Ways of Improving Your Marketing Analytics

These days, more and more businesses are looking to 3rd party agencies to assist them in improving their operations and any other area of the company that needs improvement. Specifically, when it comes to improving their marketing campaigns and the analytics that goes along with ensuring the sales and profits increase. It is also for this reason that both small entrepreneurs and large corporations alike are partnering up with professionals in this area of their operations to build a solid brand.

Before the company owners make this decision, there are a few things that they usually consider first. One of the most essential is identifying how these services will improve their overall marketing campaigns. So, if you are one of the owners who want to know what a good marketing analytics program can do for you, here are 3 effective ways that they can help to increase your sales.

Provides a Systematic Way of Analyzing Your Business and Your Target Market

When you decide to use these types of analytics in your marketing play, one of the first benefits that you will often see is allowing you and your employees to take an honest look at the state of your business and the market that you are servicing. Even though you may have a good idea of who your competitors are, these experts usually have an effective plan of conducting additional niche research to provide you with a better competitive advantage. For instance, many the most effective marketing analytics companies can assist you in creating a plan to better refine your marketing approach to promote your brand.

Help with Designing Your Marketing

While a systematic approach can always help to deploy an effective marketing scheme, there are some other benefits that these specialists bring to the table. One of the more notable is assisting with designing innovative ads that will reach larger and broader target audiences. For instance, based on the budget that the company has to invest, these analytic tactics are often used to identify which television ads, radio promotions, and mailers will do the best in a local demographic area. Also, because social media networks are great for utilizing in these marketing analytics companies strategies, the analytics taken from websites can help to determine which ads work and which ones do not.

Places Systems in Position to Track Critical Data

Once these professionals are involved in a company’s marketing plans, they are also tasked with implementing systems that will assist in tracking critical data. Today, the best software packages that these specialists use will give the owners a chance to track critical data to see how leads, prospects, profits and other essential aspects of the marketing plan is doing. By tracking trends in an individual marketing campaign, everyone will know which areas of the campaign are weak and those that are very strong. In many cases, this will tell the owner and their representatives where to the money for their marketing plans in order to get the biggest bang for the company’s bucks.

Staying on Track with Your Self-Employment Career

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than about 15 million people in America who claimed to be self-employed. Being self-employed means that you are working for yourself as a freelancer or you are the owner of your own business, instead of working for a traditional employer and working a set schedule. When you are self-employed you are able to earn money for yourself when you please. You are on your own schedule and are not obligated to work a traditional 9-5 schedule. There are so many great advantages to working self-employment. Some of the greatest advantages to working as a self-employment individual is that you are able to create your own schedule. There is much more flexibility with working as a self-employed individual as opposed to working for a traditional employer. You were able to balance your personal life, family life and your work life much easier. If you have children at home, you are able to spend more time with them and watch them grow up. This is why many people prefer self-employment rather than working for someone. However, it is important that is you do choose to work self-employment, you must track everything and anything in order to maximize your earnings.

According to the NY Post, studies show that there will be more than 27 million people in America who will end up leaving their full time jobs from now through the year of 2020. The number of people choosing to be self-employed has been steadily been climbing and more and more people are quitting their standard full-time positions. The ability to work when you want and earn as much as you want whenever you want has been a great advantage to many people who have a busy lifestyle and need more flexibility in their lives. However, working as a self-employed individual does have its downfalls. There definitely are some disadvantages to working a self-employed position. You will have to work twice as hard than a standard W2 worker. You have to work longer hours, put in a significant amount of effort as well as the money that you earn is never guaranteed.

In addition, it is critical that you are making sure that you were tracking all of your business expenses. Everything that you are spending out of the pocket which includes: your gas money, your wear and tear on your vehicle, your expenses to perform your job and any other expenses that you have to spend towards your money making. You have to make sure that you are tracking everything in order to have detailed records for tax season. You do not want to end up paying hundreds and thousands of dollars in taxes when you should not be obligated to. If you need a way of better tracking your business expenses, you can conduct some research by looking up a business expense tracker app.

Being self-employed definitely has its rewards. You want to make sure that you are always on top of your records in order to prevent consequences from taking place towards tax season. If you are a full-time worker and interested in the self-employment field, consider doing your research first to make sure that it is right for you.

Laptop and Computer News You Should Know

Computer News

What do you want to know about computer news? The latest software, affordable price or just newest products you have dreamed about. But in fact, we still only can get the predictions from the IT experts before the announcement from the big companies, let’s say Apple or Acer. But computer sounds more old than PC or laptop even though it’s not far different when we talk about the capability. For further, you can see the newest stuffs from the companies you know below.

Newest Macbook Pro with Dust proof Keyboard

Macbook is not a strange product anymore even for people who don’t use it. Along with the competition between companies, Apple launches the newest Macbook Pro 2018. But do you know which one becomes the the most interesting from this product? It’s about the dust proof keyboard. If we take a look at our daily use, there are many problems we get in using computer or laptop. The damage of keyboard is one of the most annoying things we could ever have. So, the dusty proof keyboard from Macbook Pro 2018 becomes the good computer news for everyone. It can resist dust and debris which is beneficial to make our keyboard becomes more durable.

Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper on MacOS Mojave

Do you ever feel bored with your desktop display? The default monotonous wallpapers from the computer we buy are really unattractive. If you already waited for something innovative, there is one of the good computer news in here. The desktop wallpaper on MacOS Mojave will make your dream comes true. But if you want to get this enjoyable dynamic desktop wallpaper, you should upgrade your Mac into Mojave in this fall.There will be landscape pictures of desert with 16 different look according to the time day and night. It can make you are able to see very unique and attractive wallpaper on your desktop. This one of the good computer news is very useful for the Mac users.

The Best Personal Computer for Gaming

The last number of computer news is about the best Personal Computer for gaming. Slow responds and lagging become the reason why the gamers be careful in choosing a computer or laptop products. But if we expect a good gaming computer, we should also must accept how much the possible price. But don’t worry because computer news in here will help you to know a good product.

There are actually many products which have good performance. But Alienware Aurora R7 is one of the best you can buy. It’s not just a computer because you can get the whole menus according to your personalize based. Although it’s not cheap to get this Alienware Aurora R7, but you will get the best performance with 6-core Intel Core processor. Besides, the awesome features and high end GPU are very worth it to buy. You will feel the smooth performance and good design at the same time. If you are wondering how much the price, it’s about $2,904/£2,569/AU$3,749. From this last number of computer news, you can conclude how good or bad this product is.…

What You Should Know in the Latest Microsoft News?

Microsoft News

Microsoft is a technology company which sells computer software and develop manufactures, licenses, and other services. In our daily life, we can’t separate ourselves with the Microsoft products. Laptop or Microsoft smartphone are very helpful for us to do works or just for entertainment. The Microsoft news are also the same. If you want to understand what are the latest Microsoft news, you should read them below.

The Highest Record of $800 Billion Valuation

The number one of Microsoft news to know is about the highest record of $800 billion valuation. According to the trading on July,12, Microsoft stock reaches the highest valuation for the first time. It even hits the previous record which is $102,34. But now it already became higher about $104,29. So, it means that with this latest record, Microsoft has $800 market capitalization. This one of the latest Microsoft news may surprise many people including the shareholder.

The Technology of Face Recognition

In protecting the privacy, it seems like Microsoft improving its capability. This is the number two of Microsoft news you should know. It will continue the previous technology which uses photo to recognize people’s face. It says that the use of face recognition is very useful and positive. There are some reasons why then this technology is created. But the tracking activities from the government without permission seems like the reason why. It’s already used by a institution for some cases like law enforcement.

The Agreement Between General Electric and Microsoft

The number three of Microsoft news is about the agreement between General Electric and Microsoft. In getting the profit for both sides, this agreement should become a good potential. As they develop faster, it can help them in making a transition in the global digital economy. According to some data, the General Electric shareholder can get the significant value onward. For the conclusion, the making of this agreement would be equally beneficial for both sides. Based on this and the previous Microsoft news above, which one is you think the most interesting?…

What’s Happening on the Digital News?

Digital News

Are you one of those who always seek for the information through the digital news? Getting daily news is no longer difficult these days. You can get what’s happening in all around the world quickly. Business, entertainment, or gossip news are available. As the effect of internet, the digital news becomes more mobile friendly. Wherever you go, you can keep yourself informed through your smartphone. There are some digital news which draw attention globally.

The Facebook Controversy for not Close the InfoWars

Digital news about platforms or social network are always interesting to follow. The first digital news which is happening lately is about the Facebook controversy for not close the InfoWar. It’s not a secret anymore that the spreading of hoax information through the social networks is very easy to do for making a propaganda. Although Facebook did effort to decrease this issue, but it didn’t close then InfoWars. Social network is considered as the media for freedom including giving the opinions. It becomes a serious discussion when some experts voice their opinions about this issue.

With Weak Subscribers Growth, Netflix is still Dominating Globally

Move on from the Facebook, there is also a latest digital news you can get. As the everyone’s favorite place to watch movies or shows, Netflix is already popular in all parts of the world. The target view which is mostly younger people, make Netflix becomes a trend. But when we talk about the subscribers, this company still has a weak growth. According to the Wall Street, it even gets stock decline of 5.7 percent at $ 377.75. In widening its contents globally, Netflix already done subtitling and dubbing the title show for the native language. This is one of the strategies to get more subscribers because in fact that the number of subscribers are bigger in outside of the United Stated. So, it’s true that this company still has a opportunity to be the biggest media in the world.…

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