Power Off Issue on Laptops

Power Off Issue on Laptops

Imagine the scenario you are busy working away on your laptop when for no apparent reason everything goes off! The laptop has just shut down on its own.

Well naturally the first thing is to check that your lead has not come out and made you lose power. If the lead is still plugged into the mains you may have to try the power cycle.

This is a simple routine and can be done in just a few minutes. Firstly unplug your laptop from the power source. Then remove any external devices if there are any plugged into your laptop.

Next you need to take out the laptop battery. With the battery out you need to press and hold the power key down.

This step although sounding strange does work in many of these cases especially for laptops. When a laptop is used for long periods of time it can cause static to build up around the internal parts.

If you do get a static build up inside your laptop it can cause the system to shut itself down. This process can also work for when you have trouble with your internet connection.

After you have completed the above steps it is time to check your power adaptor and of course your battery but separately. If you find that your laptop works when it is plugged in but not when it is on the battery, then the chances are that you need your battery replacing. Likewise if your laptop works on the battery but when you plug in the lead it goes off then the power adaptor is faulty and needs replacing.

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Many laptops now come with built in error lights that tell you what the fault is. All you have to do is check the manual that came with the laptop and rectify the faults.

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