Increasing Your Church Donations by Keeping Up with Technology

According to Forbes, studies have shown that there are more than 27 percent of people in America who are barely making ends meet from their income that they currently make. There are also 21 percent of people who currently rely on their savings in order to survive. Interestingly, there are more than about 40 percent of people in America who stated that they would have difficulty paying for an unexpected bill of more than $1,000 dollars. The rate of people reporting to have financial difficulty only continues to grow every single year in America. There are more and more average hard-working Americans struggling to be able to pay for the most basic means of survival, such as food, clothing and gas to get to their jobs. During the holiday seasons, the situation only begins to worsen. With more expenses approaching, it becomes more and more difficult to be able to cover expenses and overhead. Also, more and more hard-working Americans are forced to work two full-time jobs just to be able to cover their expenses, making it harder for them to attend churches. The less they attend church sessions, the less they are able to provide donations for the church. Keeping up with technology and utilizing online platforms can allow your church to be able to collect an increase in donations with or without them being present.

According to Pew Research Center, studies show that there are more than 77 percent of adults in the United States that own a smartphone. In addition, the ownership of smartphones are actually more common among the younger age generations. For example, there are 92 percent of adults that are ages 18 to 29 years old that own a smartphone and 42 percent of those that are ages 65 years old and older that own a smartphone. It is definitely not a secret that in America, everybody usually turns to their smartphone to perform the most basic tasks. Many people are now able to order food from their smartphones, perform their banking on their smartphone, order groceries from their smartphone, have their laundry done from their smartphone, and basically accomplish almost anything you want to have done from your smartphone. You are able to better communicate with people by keeping up with technology. Just because many people do not attend church on a regular basis does not mean that they worship. In fact, many people spend a significant amount of time watching church sessions offering their smartphones as well. When you allow your church to allow people to make donations from their smartphones, you increase the chances of your church receiving donations because you are appealing to the busy lives of many individuals.

If you have realized that your church needs to increase the donations received, consider appealing to the crowd with technology. You can take time to conduct some research online to find out more information. You may want to search for an example. From here, you should be able to find out more information about joining a platform that will allow you to have your church members make electronic donations online.

Increasing your church donations are important to the church and people. The more Church donations you are able to receive, the more help you are able to distribute. Signing up with an online platform to receive electronic donations is the best way to appeal to those who cannot attend church on a regular basis.