Exploring the Progression of our Future Technology

We have fast become a technological world. We practically live on the internet. It is not only computers now, but a list of things that connect us to this cyber world. Our phones and even our television sets connect to this way of life that the whole world has adopted.

You may think about this progression and wonder how it all got started. The first person that might come to mind is Bill Gates. The genius who invented the software that connected us all. And, indeed, he really did. However, you would be wrong on the beginning optics of how we stepped into a time of technology that has evolved in ways that would make a millennial freak out if they had to live without it.

It is true that a curious and driven 13-year-old Bill Gates made it his mission to invent the software for online access along with his friend Paul Allen, and of course, eventually would succeed, but every genius has to have a foundation to work with, and that foundation started way back in the 1950’s with the invention of the electronic computer. Then by the 1960’s a project was put in place called “The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network,” better known as (ARPANET). This project was directed by a man named Robert Taylor and managed by a man named Lawrence Roberts.

The cycle of scientific discovery and expansion of the internet and how it worked continued throughout the 70’s where two electrical engineers named Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf invented the “Internet Protocol Suite.” All the steps to success helped Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen succeed in 1975. They formed a successful brand that is known to us today as Microsoft and developed a brand new 16-bit computer operating system for IBM’s new personal computer convincing the company to retain the licensing rights.

Stepping into the wide world of computers and the world’s need to possess the future became more of a curiosity to most in 1984, when Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh computer that featured a Super Bowl ad campaign. And so it began, the obsession with Macintosh computers and future Apple products such as the iPhone that is now the little handheld device that keeps us all connected to everything social and entertaining.

Today, we all must have providers (ISP’s). I researched and found that Solarus, which is an internet service provider Wisconsin Rapids, WI has a very competitive rivalry with neighboring company Charter. From what I understand, it is about internet connection speeds. This fact describes just how competitive it has become in the business of technology support.

Moreover, it is in this time of life that we all seem to be somewhat competitive. When it comes to new technology such as new phones, computers, or game systems, we strive to get the best. We share our successes openly and sometimes selfishly. The question is; are we progressing for a greater world, or supplementing for a lonely one?