The latest E-commerce News in Southeast Asia

The economic growth in China is the reason why Southeast Asia has potential in global industry. There are many countries which relate with China in the form of investment. This is what makes China Becomes one of those biggest investors in the world. Not only this, there are also some latest E-commerce news which happens in the other parts of Southeast Asia. Check all the E-commerce news you should know below.

The Acquisition of Amazon

The number one of latest E-commerce news is the acquisition of Amazon. No wonder that a big company like Amazon enters the Asian countries. As the increasing of people’s purchasing power through online, the acquisition is a good way to achieve the rapid growth. This company launches the small version of Amazon named Amazon Prime Now in Singapore. But there is still lack of this small version because of the limitation of the products. It’s only useful for the household needs.

The Launching of JD’s Online Marketplace in Thailand

The number two of E-commerce news is about the launching of JD’s online marketplace. JD is an E-commerce company from China which centered in Beijing. The increasing of the middle and low budget of the consumers make JD spread its wings to Thailand. Before Thailand, JD actually already enters Indonesia. It starts to grow in the midst of many companies which already exist before. The JD’s expansion to Thailand is considered as the stepping stone to invest the other countries in Southeast Asia.

The domination of Online Payment Method

The number three of E-commerce news is the domination of online payment method and COD (Cash On Delivery). They are very suitable for people in this era. It becomes the most chosen by the consumers as an easy transaction. In Indonesia’s online transportation for the example, the big company like Go-Jek or Grab try to improve their career in other country. It’s expected to help people with no credit cards.

Keep following the E-commerce news in all around the world. Be curious for what’s happening so that you can be the one who knows the latest E-commerce news.

4 Important Iphone Tips You Must Know

Iphone is famous with its exclusiveness like the limitation in sharing with different phones. But as the time flies, it can be solved by using the social media. Same as this issue, there maybe some things you don’t know about your Iphone. That’s why you must know Iphone tips in here. Learn about something new and how to solve the problem by following Iphone tips below.

Using Timer to Stop Music

Who doesn’t listen to the music? I think everyone does and need it in their lives. You certainly never missed your favorite songs on phone, right?. But there is a problem when you listen it at the time before you sleep. You may often forget to turn off the music because you are already asleep. There are Iphone tips and tricks of this problem such as using timer to stop music. It’s so simple that you just go to the clock menu and click timer. There will be some options but click When Timer Ends. After that click Stop Playing and set the time you want.

Set More Complicated Alphanumeric Password

Are you boring with pattern and numeric password code? You can make your Iphone becomes more safety by setting alphanumeric code. Set more complicated combination of number and alphabet which can’t be predicted by your friends or other people.This is the number two of Iphone tips you must know. Go activate it soon by opening the settings and general. After that click the Passcode Lock and turn off your simple previous password.

Use Siri for Important Activities

Every Iphone user must be know about the existence of Siri. It’s a personal assistant which gives a voice command for your any activities. If you are lazy to call your friends or family, you can ask Siri to call the number of the people you want to call. Use this number three of iphone tips to get a quick action. Besides calling people, you also can use for other activities such as opening the application, remind you for meeting, for payment and etc.

Capturing Pictures and Video at the Same Time

It may looks difficult to capture pictures and videos at the same time. But for the Iphone users, you can do it on your phone. This becomes the next Iphone tips you should try. Open your camera and start to record a video. There will be a button beside that you can click to capture the pictures. All of these Iphone tips you must know are simple, aren’t they?.


Some people may always search for Android tips for saving more battery.  Everyone knows that Android smartphone is famous for its battery that not long lasting. Indeed, saves Android battery life is not easy to do. Even the battery-saving application cannot work maximum to save Android smartphone battery. Many factors can drain the Android battery power. Especially the default Android screen technology such as LCD and AMOLED screen is the biggest factor that drains the Android smartphone battery. Here are some Android tips on how to save the battery durability that you can easily try.

Switch Off The Vibrate

The first Android tips switch off the vibrate feature. The vibrate feature is actually very helpful if you are in the meeting or inside the room that needs you to be quiet. But the use of the vibrating feature on Android smartphone indeed making the battery quickly runs out. To save more battery, you can turn off the vibrate feature for incoming calls and messages if you don’t really need it.

Switch Off Auto Brightness

The next Android tips turn off auto brightness. A smartphone screen display that set up with auto brightness tends to be lighter than what you need. Your Android smartphone will save battery longer if you set up the screen brightness manually. Because the screen is one of the main factors that drain the battery quickly.

Switch Off WiFi, Data, and Bluetooth

If you are not using your Android smartphone at the moment, you can turn off the WiFi, Data, and also Bluetooth features. These features will always search for the signal if you let it on. The signal search will use too many battery power. Turn it off only when you really need it or left only the features you really need. This Android tips will help you to save more battery power.

Airplane Mode

The last Android tips for saving more battery turning on Airplane Mode. If you don’t want to be bothered in regulating your Android signal, you can easily turn off all radio signals from your smartphone by turning on an Airplane Mode. By turning on Airplane Mode, all radio signals whether Phone Data, WiFi, or Bluetooth will instantly be turned off.

What Is a Shear Test? Why Is It important

It essentially measures the maximal stress that may be applied to a material or an object before it inevitably ruptures. The purpose of a shear testing is executed in an effort to determine the shear strength of an object or a material. Shear is generally measured as PSI, and is regularly utilized with adhesives. It can also be utilized in a comprehensive or a tensile method.

There are generally three primary materials that are regularly tested in shear-tests including rigid substrates, layered composites and adhesives. Rigid substrates can be made up of metals, ceramics, plastics, woods or composites. However, they are usually comprised in the form of a solid, and are also utilized for fasteners or building materials. Adhesives are generally utilized to bond or join two materials together. They typically experience shear-stress if the materials are pulled in opposite directions, similar to if someone was attempting to slide the two pieces apart. Layered composites are similar to adhesives, as they also incur shear-stress in a parallel manner since the forces are applied to the substance used to join the two layers together.

The results obtained from these shear-tests are vital for numerous industries. This is especially significant for designers who want to test the ability of a material or an object to withstand shear-loads, or applications where the risk of crushing is at risk. Additionally, the ambient temperature of certain materials is a key variable during these tests. Consequently, it is important to stimulate the test in an environment that is similar to the material’s end use environment.

For various types of fasteners such as bolts or screws, this test is a vital design characteristic for determining their strength as well as their ability to withstand pressure. There are several types of testing for the shear strength of a particular object or material. Is it vital for designers and manufacturers to perform this test accordingly. For an example, if a product was released to the public without proper testing, and that product or material was unable to withstand a certain amount of pressure, this can essentially create an abundance of complications for the designers and manufacturers.

During the shear strength test, the laboratory or the agency conducting the exam will initially measure the amount of shear area in square inches or square centimeters. Then, they load each end of the subject in the tensile grips. Lastly, they apply a force at a controlled rate to the subject until it breaks, and then record the maximum force and type of failure. The ASTM D1002 specifies a load control rate of 1,200 to 1,400 psi per minute. A cross head control rate of 0.05 inch/minute approximates the loading rate and also is an adequate mode of control.

The test results will be able to indicate the maximum amount of force the subject can withstand. To obtain the maximum shear stress, the testers simply divide the …