Bots: The Future of Virtual Interactions  

In the past 36 months, the terminology ‘bot’ has been a regular news item. It has been associated with all the wrong reasons. For example, alleged election interference, spam social media accounts and most commonly unauthorized and illegal online shopping. All these cases represent one side of bots, which although they are possible, they represent just a single story of bots.

This case scenario takes us back to the question of what are bots?. There are different definitions of bots and it depends on who is defining and for what purpose of definition. However, the simplest definition of a bot is an automated software. The definition opens the debate on how the automated software can be useful for people and businesses and the misconceptions associated with them (bots).

How Can Bots Help a Business Grow?

Away from the bad publicity bots have received in the recent past, they are the ideal tool for business growth in the virtual spaces. Some of the ways that automated systems can help a business grow include the following.

Bots Improve Interactions on Websites

Interactions are key for growth. The modern consumer appreciates a responsive and interactive website. The problem with this need for interaction and responsiveness is the fact that managing a 24-hour website is next to impossible and if implemented, it is costly. Fortunately, bots can simplify this need by assisting the customers. The approach has assisted major entities such as Facebook to bridge the gap between people seeking assistance and the available personnel.

Bots Are the Best Way to Minimize Running Costs

A business website with bots is relatively cheaper to run than a website with no bots or with poorly integrated bots. The latter will require a department to keep up with the other website and workforce is expensive. Once the bots are integrated with the website, the website runs on an almost zero budget without compromising the value of interaction and responsiveness. This cost minimization is the ultimate goal of any business, especially on virtual space.

Bots Are Ideal for Future Planning and Sales Analysis

Planning is one of the most crucial aspects of business growth. Bots can analyze human interaction with the business website and give a concrete analyzed data on what the business needs to improve on. It is therefore correct to state that bots save a lot of money that can be spent on hiring a data firm to analyze business.

Is Chatbot The Same as a Bot?

The two are commonly misunderstood. They interchangeably used. A chatbot is a more advanced bot specifically designed to interact with humans as opposed to typical bots that are specifically not designed for chats. This means therefore that chatbots have a more comprehensive language and one cannot realize they are conversing with a bot. Different chatbots have different languages. The diversity in language is ideal for bot-customization and therefore better results.

The future of bots is bright. The world I moving to a more system-oriented reality. For business and entities to be at per with this fast-growing trend, bots and chatbots are not only vital but also inevitable.