Laptop and Computer News You Should Know

What do you want to know about computer news? The latest software, affordable price or just newest products you have dreamed about. But in fact, we still only can get the predictions from the IT experts before the announcement from the big companies, let’s say Apple or Acer. But computer sounds more old than PC or laptop even though it’s not far different when we talk about the capability. For further, you can see the newest stuffs from the companies you know below.

Newest Macbook Pro with Dust proof Keyboard

Macbook is not a strange product anymore even for people who don’t use it. Along with the competition between companies, Apple launches the newest Macbook Pro 2018. But do you know which one becomes the the most interesting from this product? It’s about the dust proof keyboard. If we take a look at our daily use, there are many problems we get in using computer or laptop. The damage of keyboard is one of the most annoying things we could ever have. So, the dusty proof keyboard from Macbook Pro 2018 becomes the good computer news for everyone. It can resist dust and debris which is beneficial to make our keyboard becomes more durable.

Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper on MacOS Mojave

Do you ever feel bored with your desktop display? The default monotonous wallpapers from the computer we buy are really unattractive. If you already waited for something innovative, there is one of the good computer news in here. The desktop wallpaper on MacOS Mojave will make your dream comes true. But if you want to get this enjoyable dynamic desktop wallpaper, you should upgrade your Mac into Mojave in this fall.There will be landscape pictures of desert with 16 different look according to the time day and night. It can make you are able to see very unique and attractive wallpaper on your desktop. This one of the good computer news is very useful for the Mac users.

The Best Personal Computer for Gaming

The last number of computer news is about the best Personal Computer for gaming. Slow responds and lagging become the reason why the gamers be careful in choosing a computer or laptop products. But if we expect a good gaming computer, we should also must accept how much the possible price. But don’t worry because computer news in here will help you to know a good product.

There are actually many products which have good performance. But Alienware Aurora R7 is one of the best you can buy. It’s not just a computer because you can get the whole menus according to your personalize based. Although it’s not cheap to get this Alienware Aurora R7, but you will get the best performance with 6-core Intel Core processor. Besides, the awesome features and high end GPU are very worth it to buy. You will feel the smooth performance and good design at …

What You Should Know in the Latest Microsoft News?

Microsoft is a technology company which sells computer software and develop manufactures, licenses, and other services. In our daily life, we can’t separate ourselves with the Microsoft products. Laptop or Microsoft smartphone are very helpful for us to do works or just for entertainment. The Microsoft news are also the same. If you want to understand what are the latest Microsoft news, you should read them below.

The Highest Record of $800 Billion Valuation

The number one of Microsoft news to know is about the highest record of $800 billion valuation. According to the trading on July,12, Microsoft stock reaches the highest valuation for the first time. It even hits the previous record which is $102,34. But now it already became higher about $104,29. So, it means that with this latest record, Microsoft has $800 market capitalization. This one of the latest Microsoft news may surprise many people including the shareholder.

The Technology of Face Recognition

In protecting the privacy, it seems like Microsoft improving its capability. This is the number two of Microsoft news you should know. It will continue the previous technology which uses photo to recognize people’s face. It says that the use of face recognition is very useful and positive. There are some reasons why then this technology is created. But the tracking activities from the government without permission seems like the reason why. It’s already used by a institution for some cases like law enforcement.

The Agreement Between General Electric and Microsoft

The number three of Microsoft news is about the agreement between General Electric and Microsoft. In getting the profit for both sides, this agreement should become a good potential. As they develop faster, it can help them in making a transition in the global digital economy. According to some data, the General Electric shareholder can get the significant value onward. For the conclusion, the making of this agreement would be equally beneficial for both sides. Based on this and the previous Microsoft news above, which one is you think the most interesting?

What’s Happening on the Digital News?

Are you one of those who always seek for the information through the digital news? Getting daily news is no longer difficult these days. You can get what’s happening in all around the world quickly. Business, entertainment, or gossip news are available. As the effect of internet, the digital news becomes more mobile friendly. Wherever you go, you can keep yourself informed through your smartphone. There are some digital news which draw attention globally.

The Facebook Controversy for not Close the InfoWars

Digital news about platforms or social network are always interesting to follow. The first digital news which is happening lately is about the Facebook controversy for not close the InfoWar. It’s not a secret anymore that the spreading of hoax information through the social networks is very easy to do for making a propaganda. Although Facebook did effort to decrease this issue, but it didn’t close then InfoWars. Social network is considered as the media for freedom including giving the opinions. It becomes a serious discussion when some experts voice their opinions about this issue.

With Weak Subscribers Growth, Netflix is still Dominating Globally

Move on from the Facebook, there is also a latest digital news you can get. As the everyone’s favorite place to watch movies or shows, Netflix is already popular in all parts of the world. The target view which is mostly younger people, make Netflix becomes a trend. But when we talk about the subscribers, this company still has a weak growth. According to the Wall Street, it even gets stock decline of 5.7 percent at $ 377.75. In widening its contents globally, Netflix already done subtitling and dubbing the title show for the native language. This is one of the strategies to get more subscribers because in fact that the number of subscribers are bigger in outside of the United Stated. So, it’s true that this company still has a opportunity to be the biggest media in the world.

Microsoft Windows News : The Latest Features  to Know

As the latest upgrade of Microsoft Windows 10, there are some aspects which show improvement. Previously, we have to familiar ourselves with the display look which are easier but confusing sometimes. Do you really think that the latest upgrade is useful for you? You should know Microsoft Windows news from some other new features in here. Since working with Microsoft, Windows 10 tries to improve what are needed by the users. There are two new features that you can find in the Microsoft Windows News below.

Free Tool of Whiteboard App

The number one of Microsoft Windows News comes from the whiteboard app. If you are business men or women, you have to deal with lots of works such as presenting ideas, right?. Normally, medium such as power point and old school white board really help us to explain what we want to show to the clients or partners. But it seems ineffective because you don’t do it in practically. For those who use Windows 10 devices, there is a new feature that may can help you in doing your business work. This is the number one of Microsoft Windows news you should know. Whiteboard app is designed with stylus that can make you easier to draw. If you use laptop or phone, you can use your mouse or finger to do some activities. Writing, importing pictures, draw, and adding sticky notes becomes easy to do.

New Features of Notepad in Redstone 5

The number two of Microsoft Windows news is from the new feature of Notepad. If you already familiar with this app on your phone, now you can get it also on your Microsoft Windows 10. It’s actually already available on Windows but the feature has no enough capability. According to the upgrade of Redstone 5 on Microsoft Windows 10, this notepad feature will be much better than before.

There are some plus that you can see in some activities such as replacing or finding the words you want to search. Zooming text and deleting the previous text with Ctrl+Backspace are the others advantages you will get. This is one of the Microsoft Windows news which may can make its user breath a sigh. It’s because in the new feature, you will open this app more quickly. The previous performance of notepad really requires large data especially when you have not enough memory space.

After seeing what are the new features in the Microsoft Windows news, you can conclude by yourself are they helpful or not for you as the Microsoft Windows users.

Important Internet News Today for  Social Media Addicts

Social media truly hypnotize people to always use it. Realize it or not, it’s really hard to not open social media even for a minute. We also don’t want to miss the latest news, right? There are some important internet news which very useful for those who are social media addicts. Check which one of the internet news you still don’t know yet below.

Paid Feature From Facebook

Who doesn’t know Facebook? It’s a popular platform which appears after the legend Friendster for chatting. The number one of internet news is about this platform. In the beginning of this Facebook creation by Mark Zuckerberg, we only can use this platform to update the status and share pictures. But as the time flies, there are already some updates such as background option for status,live broadcast, and story. It seems like Facebook doesn’t want to lose its users by creating features like the other competitors. There is one more feature you should know which is Subscription Group. This is considered to help the admin of the group collecting more profit by giving exclusive content only for the people in group. Just by registering this paid feature, you can arrange the service you want.

Video Call Feature on Instagram

Move on from the number one of internet news, there is a platform which has more users in this era called Instagram. There are already many people who left Facebook and choose Instagram to share their daily activities. Photo filters, easy Direct Message, and Snapgram are favorite features for its users. To increase its usability, Instagram often update the features. If you already can see IG TV on your Instagram, it means that you follow the latest feature. Along with the IG TV, now you also can make a video call from the Direct Message by clicking the top right icon. This number two of internet news from Instagram really helps you, right?

The Introduction of New Feature on Snapchat to Increase Competition with Instagram

The release of Snapchat in 2011 really attracted people. The complete funny and cool filters are the reason why. At that time the other platforms like Instagram didn’t have these kind of filters yet. So, for those who were looking for more innovative platform, they also download Snapchat on their phones. But there is intense competition between these two platforms. According to some sources, there will be a collaboration between Snapchat and Game Publisher. This platform will become the host for those who already download the games. This is the number three of internet news which will give a different sensation in playing the games through Snapchat.

Suspension of 70 Million Twitter Accounts

Because of the freedom in sharing anything on Twitter, there are some of people who use this platform in the wrong way. Hoax news spread or unappropriate information are the examples of the improper use of Twitter. According to this issue, …

The Latest Apple News You Should Know

Which one makes you satisfy about the latest Apple products so far? Does it better or even decrease? But day by day Apple shows some its improvements. When you look at the mass media, there will be daily updates of the Apple news. Whether it relates to the Iphone, Ipad, or Macbook, the Apple news are always make everyone take a high hope. Maybe there are still some of latest news which you may don’t know yet. You can read the Apple news below which are out these days.

The Expectation of Five New Colors of Iphone

Before Apple officially releasing its new products, there must be some expectations come from the experts. The number one which becomes a surprising topic of the latest Apple news is the five new colors of Iphone. According to some electronic media, there will be blue, grey, orange, red, and white which are expected by Ming Chi Kuo in the newest Iphone. Besides, it says that the price is not far from the Iphone X with 6.5 inch OLED.

The Improvement of Apple Store in Some Aspect

Since the introduction of the App Store, it shows that there are already many applications which are useful for the Iphone users. The apps are not only for entertainment because it’s also beneficial for some other needs such as business and social. As the time goes by, Apple shows its seriousness with adding more  apps. The innovations can be useful for some activities like increasing health, watching shows, gaming and many more. This number two of Apple news will improve the users’ productivity.

The Disposal of  5G chip on Iphone from the Intel

The number three of Apple news you should not miss is about the disposal of 5G chip on Iphone from the Intel. In the next improvement, it seems like Apple will not join with Intel anymore because it has no chips for the Intel. It’s kind of pathetic for the Intel to stop producing processors for Apple. But then this company doesn’t give up by focusing more on improving its products to get back a trust from Apple.

Apple Restrains not to Release New Macs and Ipads this Summer

Macbook and Ipad are two products of the Apple which have already many fans across the globe. There are many of them who are waiting for what’s new on the inside of these two products. But hold on because Apple restrains not to release new Macs and Ipads this Summer. According to the document, the latest version of Ipads use OS 11 and macOS 10.13 for the Macs. It seems odd because the release of OS 12 is more expected this summer. So there is still weirdness if Apple refreshes to run the old software. This is the number four of Apple news which you should know.

The Android News which are Spreading These Days

Android news are always interesting to follow. Whether it’s from Samsung,HTC,Huawei or the others are necessary to know. If you are looking for something new from Android, you should read this article. There are some Android news from the features you may know below.

The Release of Fortnite

If you game addict, you must be familiar with Fortnite. This is a survival game which you only can find in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, ios, and other platforms. You should be grateful because this Fortnite game will also be available for Android. It is predicted to release this summer. But for those who have middle and low-end device, you may be disappointed. It’s because Fortnite will release only for High-end devices such as LG G6, Huawei Matte 10, and Google Pixel 2. This is the number one of android news you must know.

Android P Beta 3 for Pixel Devices

As a big company which already has many products, Google shows its existence more today. Have you ever heard about Android P? It’s the newest smartphone from Google which has some great features like easy swipe  and multi camera. But for the Pixel devices like Pixel 2 and Pixel  XL can get it too. Unfortunately, the Android P Beta 3 only fixes the bugs without adding new features. Maybe it will be better in the next updates. This is the number two of important android news to know.

The Lower Size of Spotify Lite Apps

If you are the biggest fans of Spotify, you should be very happy. This number three of Android news will show what’s new from this very popular music apps. If you ever complained that Spotify spends lots of memory space, there is a solution today. You can download the Spotify Lite apps which is only 15MB. But there are some parts which will be not available such as the offline playback and the devices connect.

Which one of the Android news you like the most? All of them have the both good and lack side. So, keep following the latest android news to know what’s good and what’s not from the Android updates.

The latest E-commerce News in Southeast Asia

The economic growth in China is the reason why Southeast Asia has potential in global industry. There are many countries which relate with China in the form of investment. This is what makes China Becomes one of those biggest investors in the world. Not only this, there are also some latest E-commerce news which happens in the other parts of Southeast Asia. Check all the E-commerce news you should know below.

The Acquisition of Amazon

The number one of latest E-commerce news is the acquisition of Amazon. No wonder that a big company like Amazon enters the Asian countries. As the increasing of people’s purchasing power through online, the acquisition is a good way to achieve the rapid growth. This company launches the small version of Amazon named Amazon Prime Now in Singapore. But there is still lack of this small version because of the limitation of the products. It’s only useful for the household needs.

The Launching of JD’s Online Marketplace in Thailand

The number two of E-commerce news is about the launching of JD’s online marketplace. JD is an E-commerce company from China which centered in Beijing. The increasing of the middle and low budget of the consumers make JD spread its wings to Thailand. Before Thailand, JD actually already enters Indonesia. It starts to grow in the midst of many companies which already exist before. The JD’s expansion to Thailand is considered as the stepping stone to invest the other countries in Southeast Asia.

The domination of Online Payment Method

The number three of E-commerce news is the domination of online payment method and COD (Cash On Delivery). They are very suitable for people in this era. It becomes the most chosen by the consumers as an easy transaction. In Indonesia’s online transportation for the example, the big company like Go-Jek or Grab try to improve their career in other country. It’s expected to help people with no credit cards.

Keep following the E-commerce news in all around the world. Be curious for what’s happening so that you can be the one who knows the latest E-commerce news.

4 Important Iphone Tips You Must Know

Iphone is famous with its exclusiveness like the limitation in sharing with different phones. But as the time flies, it can be solved by using the social media. Same as this issue, there maybe some things you don’t know about your Iphone. That’s why you must know Iphone tips in here. Learn about something new and how to solve the problem by following Iphone tips below.

Using Timer to Stop Music

Who doesn’t listen to the music? I think everyone does and need it in their lives. You certainly never missed your favorite songs on phone, right?. But there is a problem when you listen it at the time before you sleep. You may often forget to turn off the music because you are already asleep. There are Iphone tips and tricks of this problem such as using timer to stop music. It’s so simple that you just go to the clock menu and click timer. There will be some options but click When Timer Ends. After that click Stop Playing and set the time you want.

Set More Complicated Alphanumeric Password

Are you boring with pattern and numeric password code? You can make your Iphone becomes more safety by setting alphanumeric code. Set more complicated combination of number and alphabet which can’t be predicted by your friends or other people.This is the number two of Iphone tips you must know. Go activate it soon by opening the settings and general. After that click the Passcode Lock and turn off your simple previous password.

Use Siri for Important Activities

Every Iphone user must be know about the existence of Siri. It’s a personal assistant which gives a voice command for your any activities. If you are lazy to call your friends or family, you can ask Siri to call the number of the people you want to call. Use this number three of iphone tips to get a quick action. Besides calling people, you also can use for other activities such as opening the application, remind you for meeting, for payment and etc.

Capturing Pictures and Video at the Same Time

It may looks difficult to capture pictures and videos at the same time. But for the Iphone users, you can do it on your phone. This becomes the next Iphone tips you should try. Open your camera and start to record a video. There will be a button beside that you can click to capture the pictures. All of these Iphone tips you must know are simple, aren’t they?.


Some people may always search for Android tips for saving more battery.  Everyone knows that Android smartphone is famous for its battery that not long lasting. Indeed, saves Android battery life is not easy to do. Even the battery-saving application cannot work maximum to save Android smartphone battery. Many factors can drain the Android battery power. Especially the default Android screen technology such as LCD and AMOLED screen is the biggest factor that drains the Android smartphone battery. Here are some Android tips on how to save the battery durability that you can easily try.

Switch Off The Vibrate

The first Android tips switch off the vibrate feature. The vibrate feature is actually very helpful if you are in the meeting or inside the room that needs you to be quiet. But the use of the vibrating feature on Android smartphone indeed making the battery quickly runs out. To save more battery, you can turn off the vibrate feature for incoming calls and messages if you don’t really need it.

Switch Off Auto Brightness

The next Android tips turn off auto brightness. A smartphone screen display that set up with auto brightness tends to be lighter than what you need. Your Android smartphone will save battery longer if you set up the screen brightness manually. Because the screen is one of the main factors that drain the battery quickly.

Switch Off WiFi, Data, and Bluetooth

If you are not using your Android smartphone at the moment, you can turn off the WiFi, Data, and also Bluetooth features. These features will always search for the signal if you let it on. The signal search will use too many battery power. Turn it off only when you really need it or left only the features you really need. This Android tips will help you to save more battery power.

Airplane Mode

The last Android tips for saving more battery turning on Airplane Mode. If you don’t want to be bothered in regulating your Android signal, you can easily turn off all radio signals from your smartphone by turning on an Airplane Mode. By turning on Airplane Mode, all radio signals whether Phone Data, WiFi, or Bluetooth will instantly be turned off.