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The Android News which are Spreading These Days

Android News

Android news are always interesting to follow. Whether it’s from Samsung,HTC,Huawei or the others are necessary to know. If you are looking for something new from Android, you should read this article. There are some Android news from the features you may know below.

The Release of Fortnite

If you game addict, you must be familiar with Fortnite. This is a survival game which you only can find in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, ios, and other platforms. You should be grateful because this Fortnite game will also be available for Android. It is predicted to release this summer. But for those who have middle and low-end device, you may be disappointed. It’s because Fortnite will release only for High-end devices such as LG G6, Huawei Matte 10, and Google Pixel 2. This is the number one of android news you must know.

Android P Beta 3 for Pixel Devices

As a big company which already has many products, Google shows its existence more today. Have you ever heard about Android P? It’s the newest smartphone from Google which has some great features like easy swipe  and multi camera. But for the Pixel devices like Pixel 2 and Pixel  XL can get it too. Unfortunately, the Android P Beta 3 only fixes the bugs without adding new features. Maybe it will be better in the next updates. This is the number two of important android news to know.

The Lower Size of Spotify Lite Apps

If you are the biggest fans of Spotify, you should be very happy. This number three of Android news will show what’s new from this very popular music apps. If you ever complained that Spotify spends lots of memory space, there is a solution today. You can download the Spotify Lite apps which is only 15MB. But there are some parts which will be not available such as the offline playback and the devices connect.

Which one of the Android news you like the most? All of them have the both good and lack side. So, keep following the latest android news to know what’s good and what’s not from the Android updates.…

The latest E-commerce News in Southeast Asia

E-commerce News

The economic growth in China is the reason why Southeast Asia has potential in global industry. There are many countries which relate with China in the form of investment. This is what makes China Becomes one of those biggest investors in the world. Not only this, there are also some latest E-commerce news which happens in the other parts of Southeast Asia. Check all the E-commerce news you should know below.

The Acquisition of Amazon

The number one of latest E-commerce news is the acquisition of Amazon. No wonder that a big company like Amazon enters the Asian countries. As the increasing of people’s purchasing power through online, the acquisition is a good way to achieve the rapid growth. This company launches the small version of Amazon named Amazon Prime Now in Singapore. But there is still lack of this small version because of the limitation of the products. It’s only useful for the household needs.

The Launching of JD’s Online Marketplace in Thailand

The number two of E-commerce news is about the launching of JD’s online marketplace. JD is an E-commerce company from China which centered in Beijing. The increasing of the middle and low budget of the consumers make JD spread its wings to Thailand. Before Thailand, JD actually already enters Indonesia. It starts to grow in the midst of many companies which already exist before. The JD’s expansion to Thailand is considered as the stepping stone to invest the other countries in Southeast Asia.

The domination of Online Payment Method

The number three of E-commerce news is the domination of online payment method and COD (Cash On Delivery). They are very suitable for people in this era. It becomes the most chosen by the consumers as an easy transaction. In Indonesia’s online transportation for the example, the big company like Go-Jek or Grab try to improve their career in other country. It’s expected to help people with no credit cards.

Keep following the E-commerce news in all around the world. Be curious for what’s happening so that you can be the one who knows the latest E-commerce news.…

4 Important Iphone Tips You Must Know

Iphone Tips

Iphone is famous with its exclusiveness like the limitation in sharing with different phones. But as the time flies, it can be solved by using the social media. Same as this issue, there maybe some things you don’t know about your Iphone. That’s why you must know Iphone tips in here. Learn about something new and how to solve the problem by following Iphone tips below.

Using Timer to Stop Music

Who doesn’t listen to the music? I think everyone does and need it in their lives. You certainly never missed your favorite songs on phone, right?. But there is a problem when you listen it at the time before you sleep. You may often forget to turn off the music because you are already asleep. There are Iphone tips and tricks of this problem such as using timer to stop music. It’s so simple that you just go to the clock menu and click timer. There will be some options but click When Timer Ends. After that click Stop Playing and set the time you want.

Set More Complicated Alphanumeric Password

Are you boring with pattern and numeric password code? You can make your Iphone becomes more safety by setting alphanumeric code. Set more complicated combination of number and alphabet which can’t be predicted by your friends or other people.This is the number two of Iphone tips you must know. Go activate it soon by opening the settings and general. After that click the Passcode Lock and turn off your simple previous password.

Use Siri for Important Activities

Every Iphone user must be know about the existence of Siri. It’s a personal assistant which gives a voice command for your any activities. If you are lazy to call your friends or family, you can ask Siri to call the number of the people you want to call. Use this number three of iphone tips to get a quick action. Besides calling people, you also can use for other activities such as opening the application, remind you for meeting, for payment and etc.

Capturing Pictures and Video at the Same Time

It may looks difficult to capture pictures and videos at the same time. But for the Iphone users, you can do it on your phone. This becomes the next Iphone tips you should try. Open your camera and start to record a video. There will be a button beside that you can click to capture the pictures. All of these Iphone tips you must know are simple, aren’t they?.…


Android Tips

Some people may always search for Android tips for saving more battery.  Everyone knows that Android smartphone is famous for its battery that not long lasting. Indeed, saves Android battery life is not easy to do. Even the battery-saving application cannot work maximum to save Android smartphone battery. Many factors can drain the Android battery power. Especially the default Android screen technology such as LCD and AMOLED screen is the biggest factor that drains the Android smartphone battery. Here are some Android tips on how to save the battery durability that you can easily try.

Switch Off The Vibrate

The first Android tips switch off the vibrate feature. The vibrate feature is actually very helpful if you are in the meeting or inside the room that needs you to be quiet. But the use of the vibrating feature on Android smartphone indeed making the battery quickly runs out. To save more battery, you can turn off the vibrate feature for incoming calls and messages if you don’t really need it.

Switch Off Auto Brightness

The next Android tips turn off auto brightness. A smartphone screen display that set up with auto brightness tends to be lighter than what you need. Your Android smartphone will save battery longer if you set up the screen brightness manually. Because the screen is one of the main factors that drain the battery quickly.

Switch Off WiFi, Data, and Bluetooth

If you are not using your Android smartphone at the moment, you can turn off the WiFi, Data, and also Bluetooth features. These features will always search for the signal if you let it on. The signal search will use too many battery power. Turn it off only when you really need it or left only the features you really need. This Android tips will help you to save more battery power.

Airplane Mode

The last Android tips for saving more battery turning on Airplane Mode. If you don’t want to be bothered in regulating your Android signal, you can easily turn off all radio signals from your smartphone by turning on an Airplane Mode. By turning on Airplane Mode, all radio signals whether Phone Data, WiFi, or Bluetooth will instantly be turned off.…

Exploring the Progression of our Future Technology

We have fast become a technological world. We practically live on the internet. It is not only computers now, but a list of things that connect us to this cyber world. Our phones and even our television sets connect to this way of life that the whole world has adopted.

You may think about this progression and wonder how it all got started. The first person that might come to mind is Bill Gates. The genius who invented the software that connected us all. And, indeed, he really did. However, you would be wrong on the beginning optics of how we stepped into a time of technology that has evolved in ways that would make a millennial freak out if they had to live without it.

It is true that a curious and driven 13-year-old Bill Gates made it his mission to invent the software for online access along with his friend Paul Allen, and of course, eventually would succeed, but every genius has to have a foundation to work with, and that foundation started way back in the 1950’s with the invention of the electronic computer. Then by the 1960’s a project was put in place called “The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network,” better known as (ARPANET). This project was directed by a man named Robert Taylor and managed by a man named Lawrence Roberts.

The cycle of scientific discovery and expansion of the internet and how it worked continued throughout the 70’s where two electrical engineers named Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf invented the “Internet Protocol Suite.” All the steps to success helped Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen succeed in 1975. They formed a successful brand that is known to us today as Microsoft and developed a brand new 16-bit computer operating system for IBM’s new personal computer convincing the company to retain the licensing rights.

Stepping into the wide world of computers and the world’s need to possess the future became more of a curiosity to most in 1984, when Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh computer that featured a Super Bowl ad campaign. And so it began, the obsession with Macintosh computers and future Apple products such as the iPhone that is now the little handheld device that keeps us all connected to everything social and entertaining.

Today, we all must have providers (ISP’s). I researched and found that Solarus, which is an internet service provider Wisconsin Rapids, WI has a very competitive rivalry with neighboring company Charter. From what I understand, it is about internet connection speeds. This fact describes just how competitive it has become in the business of technology support.

Moreover, it is in this time of life that we all seem to be somewhat competitive. When it comes to new technology such as new phones, computers, or game systems, we strive to get the best. We share our successes openly and sometimes selfishly. The question is; are we progressing for a greater world, or supplementing for a lonely one?

Four Steps to an Epic Home Tailgating Experience

It is officially football season, the time where fans show their pride and embrace athleticism. Whether you are an NCAA or NFL fan, or both, it is all about the game day. While we wish we could go to every single game in person it usually doesn’t work out that way. Instead, turn your living room into the best home football experience with the right tools.

Step 1: Upgrade That TV

Low resolution and small screens are just not fit for proper football experiences. Take that old TV to another room and upgrade to a high-resolution large screen TV. During football season all of the retail giants, both brick-and-mortar and online stores, offer excellent deals on TVs along with financing specials. The massive screen with detail so grand will allow you and your crew not miss a single part of the game.

Step 2: Surround Sound is Essential

You now have an amazing TV that will feature countless exciting games but next, you need to be able to hear the game like you are actually in the stadium. There are a wide variety of home theater systems arlington va options for you to choose from to best fit your space and budget. If you aren’t handy with electronics, no worries, most companies offer installation services that ensure that the job gets done right with no missed game time.

Step 3: Create Ambiance

The game is officially covered and now it is time to take the TV room to the next level of fandom. Decorate the walls, countertops, and couches with team decor. It can be as simple as a team logo blanket draped across the back of the couch, a few knick-knacks scattered around, plus a few carefully selected pieces of wall decor that could feature a favorite player, mascot, or win. These items can be found online, local sellers, or can be DIY.

Step 4: Add Tailgate Food and Drinks

Everything is ready for some gridiron action starting with the viewing equipment, perfect surround sound home theaters, and amped up room design. The final touches are part of what adds to the game day experience. No game is complete without some ice-cold beverages and munchies. Chicken wings, nachos, guacamole, pizza, plus a few sweet selections are always game day must-haves. Mix and match your crew’s favorite appetizer for a convenient self-serve buffet. Lastly, keep some beer and soda on ice for convenient beverage access.

Blue 57, yellow 22, hike… game day is here and with your preparation, you can rest assured that your home is game day ready. A new large screen TV with high definition provides access to all the action while your hooked-up home theater system gives you the play-by-play. The team decor that accents the TV room will make every game seem like a party. To make the experience complete tailgate food takes football to the next level whether just a family day or an epic football party.…

Top Tips About Desktop Computers That Anyone Can Follow

Desktop computers can be found in nearly every home, but with technology changing at such high rates, you can always benefit from new information about them. Gaining knowledge about computers can be easy if you have the right information. This piece has offeres tons of great desktop computer advice.

If you are concerned with your computer’s speed, then start things off with a boot check. Run the “ms config” program from the “start” menu. Look at which applications start when you boot up the computer. See which ones you’ll rarely use and decide if you want the machine. That helps the machine run more quickly.

Look at the add-ons that will come with any computer you’re considering. Most models include optional accessories. Be sure that you are only buying what you will actually use. Other sites may even have the add-ons cheaper, so use caution. Accessories might be marked up if you buy them straight from the computer manufacturer.

Take measurements for the sport where you will place your desktop. Desktops come in variety of styles and shapes. Some have smaller profiles, where others may take up more vertical space. Measure the space before you start shopping.

Try buying a desktop you can afford that has only the features you need. Many people buy computers that are too expensive for features they don’t use. Know precisely what you need and save money buy buying a computer that only delivers these.

Buy a computer that comes with a solid warranty. That’s necessary, in case you have a problem with the software or the hardware. Usually, you return it to the store to get it repaired or you get a new one that the same model as the old one.

If you like playing games online and want to buy a gaming computer, you need to remember some things. The system needs a solid video car, high resolution display, and at least four gigabytes of memory. You may also want a specialized keyboard and controller.

Create a list of all the things you will do on your new computer. Depending on your individual needs, you will need to get a computer that is the right fit for you. If you are a gamer, your requirements will be different from a user who just checks email and shops online.

Because many makers of desktop computers have begun limiting the volume of paper documentation included with their products in favor of putting such information online, it is important to be diligent. Be sure online information is sufficient, and that you’re going to be OK getting the software and driver downloads you need.

In order to transfer big video files, be sure a desktop has a DVD optical drive that is writable. CD drives are not big enough for some of the new multimedia files. You might need the increased space that DVDs offer. It will cost more, but it will be worth it in the end.

There are many things to know about desktop computers, especially since technology is always changing. Articles like this can help simplify the topic and bread down new information. If you are having trouble finding a computer, refer back to this article.…

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